Can A Slow Cooker Replace All Your Meal Preparation Techniques?

There are a lot of health benefits to creating slow cooked meal such as reduced sugar and carb intake. You can also eliminate the use of vegetable oils in meal preparations and you can make fantastic healthy meal with your cooker. With all these health benefits and the fact that slow cooked meal are prepared much easier than cooked meal has spurred many people on to try and alter their cooking methods by using only slow cookers for all their meal and snacks. If you are considering to replace all your cooking methods with slow cooking methods, then it might be wise to invest in the best slow cooker of the year so you can ensure a safe cooking experience. The only question now is can you create everything in a slow cooker?

Slow Cooker Snacks

There are a lot of sweet and salty snacks that you can make in your slow cooker such as cooked cocktail sausages, apple butter, mini meatballs, chicken pita bites, fudge and much more. These slow cooked snacks can be made in large quantities to feed crowds or in low quantities so your family can enjoy an afternoon in the back yards.

Slow Cooker Pudding

Slow cooked puddings are far more delicious than oven baked puddings because there is no burnt crust and the pudding is well cooked all over. By slow cooking puddings like tapioca pudding, sticky toffee pudding or apple pudding cakes you allow the desert mature which enhances the flavor.

Slow Cooker Cake

The only disadvantages of slow cooked cakes are the fact that they will either be small or round due to the shape and size of slow cookers. The cakes will, however be absolutely delicious, cooked through and moist and there will be no alleviated center or sides.

Slow Cooker Bread

Yu can create fantastic dinner rolls, buns, bread, garlic bread and cheese breads in your slow cooker. If you want your bread to be shaped like modern breads, then you will probably need a smaller bread pan inside the cooker.

Slow Cooked Pasta

Pasta is pretty simple to create and with the help of a slow cooker, you can even create lasagna, chicken alfredo, pasta e fagioli and much more.

Slow Cooked Soup and Stews

Slow cookers are the masters when it comes to stew and soup preparation. You can create just about any type of stew and use any type of meat in your slow cooker.

Slow Cooked Rice, Grain and Porridge

Rice, grains and prodigies can be created in a slow cooker and is much tastier than normal cooking, but can be a bit slow if you are planning on serving breakfast soon.