How Botox works

Botox is a by-product of Clostridium botulinum referred to as botulinum toxin. It is a medical treatment that is used to remove wrinkles and treat conditions affecting muscles. It achieves its goals by temporally paralyzing the muscles. Most doctors who specialize in cosmetic procedures use this treatment to have positive results for those with facial creases.

Botox treatment procedure

To have a Botox injection, you only take a few minutes in the doctor’s office. It is usually done using a fine needle that only causes minimal discomfort to particular muscles. Recognizable effects take three to seven days, and patients are always advised to avoid alcoholic drinks before the treatment process. Also, anti-inflammatory and aspirin medications cause bruising if used before the process, so refrain from using two weeks before the process.

After injection, Botox blocks signals to muscles from the nerves, hindering the contraction of tissues. It results to softening and relaxation of the creases and wrinkles. This procedure works well with frown lines, forehead lines, and lines around the eyes. Any wrinkles or creases that are a result of sun ray damage cannot be treated using Botox

Duration of treatment

After treatment process, the effect last for a maximum of four months after which the wrinkles and creases start re-appearing. You should not worry about the re-appearing, you only need to visit Botox Treatments Cheshire to have a repeat of the process. The condition is always less severe compared to the first treatment for your muscles are trained to relax and soften.

Botox benefits

It is a treatment of its kind; it has so many incredible advantages such as:

•    It is known to reduce the extent of sweating. Most people who experience excessive sweating feel uncomfortable and are usually embarrassed around people. With Botox treatment, there is the reduction of sweating such that you are free to stay in crowds.

•    Botox treatment helps a lot, not only those suffering from wrinkles and creases but also who have severe headaches. Patients who suffer from migraines report less to no headaches after treatment with Botox.

•    It enhances a youthful look by lifting eyebrows. The brows may drop due to age factors. Use Botox to raise them and give your face a young look.

•    It is a non-surgical process that helps solve wrinkles and creases conditions. Individuals attain beautiful looks without undergoing an operation and no anesthesia required.

Botox treatment side effects

All products have adverse effects if not used correctly. Botox also has its negative results if not used accordingly and these are mainly:

•    It leads to dryness of eyes.

•    Urine which seems bloody.

•    Experience breathing difficulties.

•    Unable to completely close eyelids.

•    Frequent urination.


Any medication should be under the supervision of trained doctors and always take with proper care. Botox is a treatment that has significant advantages but can have adverse effects if used in high dosage. Refrain from getting this treatment from beauty shops and black markets; you are risking your life not saving money.