Oven Toaster Vs Microwave Oven – Which One Is Safer?

Which one is safer: the toaster oven or the microwave? This is a question which gives room to lots of controversies, as there are fierce supporters for each appliance. Overall, more and more people who are concerned at what they eat are turning to toasters. For some of them it’s only a matter of taste: food prepared in the toaster is always fresh and tastes good, while food prepared in the microwave changes its taste, especially when it’s reheated.

How each machine works

The changes in taste come from the way each machine works to produce heat.

The toaster oven uses hot air or infrared to warm up the food. Click here for more information on how toaster ovens work.

Microwave ovens use a form of radiation, microwaves, which make the molecules in the food move around very fast. This movement produces heat in the food. It is generally thought microwaves don’t damage the DNA, like X rays, for example, but their use is regulated by the government.

Many people believe the fast cooking method used by the microwave doesn’t give enough time to flavors to develop and embrace the food. Even if the toaster oven is quick, it doesn’t have the speed of a microwave, which allows the food to release its flavors and juices.

Healthy or not healthy

Microwaves do radiate the food they cook, but there is an intense dispute whether the oven itself radiates your house. There were studies on this subject which revealed the microwave does emit radiations around it, but they are rated as “safe” by the FDA. However, the microwave is safe as long as it’s not being used continuously.

There is also a dark folklore surrounding microwave ovens. Stories which talk about persons who died after receiving microwaved blood transfusions and babies who became ill after drinking microwaved breast milk are just some of the many stories which advice against the microwave oven.

By comparison, toaster ovens have a “clean” background: they are not linked to any deaths or illnesses, which makes them look safer. But if you plan to use plastic containers with these ovens, you should research this better, as there are no plastic items certified as being safe.  Click here for more information on toaster oven and materials which work best for cooking in them.

Microwaves reduce the nutrients content in food?

This is another reason not to use microwaves and switch them with toaster ovens. There are multiple studies which show that microwaves can change the nutrients in food. Mineral content in fresh food is reduced by 5 up to 40% during microwave cooking; the vitamins content is being reduced as well. If you microwave a garlic for 1 minute you will inactivate all its beneficial properties. Microwaves also reduce the amount of antioxidants.

Now let’s take a look at the toaster oven. Studies make on bread slices revealed that toasted bread is not as healthy as non-toasted bread. However, the nutritional content is not altered as much as it is altered by microwaves. Toasted bread has 5% less B vitamins, compared to non-toasted bread.Overtoasting bread or another food makes it toxic and there are findings which link dark toasting to cancer.

All in one, toaster oven seems to be safer than its microwave cousin and is just as convenient, so for your peace of mind, health and the environment, switch from the microwave to the versatile toast oven.