Quick Pressure Cooker Soup That You Can Make

Pressure cookers are wonderful for preparing soup because you can create your own shredded meats in less time than with pots. The shredded meats come out softer in a pressure cooker and you can add spices and gravy to the mixture as it cooks without the hassles of the sauce burning. Some of the best electric pressure cookers for sale are sure to enhance your soup making abilities and improve the taste of your food.

Beef soup

Beef soup is often a lot more difficult to prepare than other soup because beef takes much longer to boil to shreds than any other food type. In a pressure cooker, the meats are cooked soft in less time and you can add all your vegetables to the cooker right from the start. You can also choose to slice the beef before or after cooking because the cooker will get the meat cooked straight through and soft in no time at all.

Chicken soup

Chicken is absolutely delicious if it is boiled to shreds. When creating your chicken soup dinner in a pressure cooker, it is probably best to get the chicken boiled to shreds before you start adding the vegetables or noodles to the soup. Vegetable and / or noodles take up far less time to cook in the pressure cooker and once the vegetables are done you can start adding your soup’s sauces and serve it hot.

Vegetarian soup

If you aren’t keen on meats then you can always create a vegetable soup in your pressure cooker. Vegetable soup such as butternut soup, vegetable stock soup, bean soup or pasta soup are a lot quicker to prepare in the cooker than meaty soup. A delicious soup could take you only about 30 minutes to prepare.

Bean soup

Bean soup is high in fibers and gluten free. For beans soup you only need about 30 minutes of cooking time and with the help of a cooker the beans will come out perfectly soft. Beans soup are some of the most filling soup meal and can be cooked in large quantities and frozen for quick meal later on.

Noodle soup

Noodles are quick to prepare in any pot and even quicker to prepare in a pressure cooker. Creating the perfect noodle soup could take you only 10 minutes to prepare if you are using canned vegetables to add to your noodle soup.

Potato soup

You can cook potatoes in far less time with a pressure cooker. After you mashed the potatoes, you can create a deliciously creamy potato soup by adding milk, spices, butter and onions to your potato soup. The soup comes out wonderfully creamy and is a perfectly filling meal for winter days.