Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Parrot Travel Cage

If you are planning to get a parrot, you should first purchase the most important accessory for it: a parrot cage. A cage should be a comfortable, large space where your parrot can find fresh water and bird seeds, as it will spend most of its time there. Apart from the usual cage, consider purchasing a travel cage that can become very useful in many situations.

How to choose a travel cage

ATT1214Parrots are animals that get stressed easily and this is why they should get used to traveling as soon as possible; that way, they will know what to expect when the moment comes. Most people buy travel cages only if they tend to travel a lot and wish to take their pet with them. However, these cages are not just for vacations; they are useful each time you have to take your bird to the vet or when you have a home emergency and need to move the bird as soon as possible. Make sure you allow your parrot to get used to the new cage before transporting it. Travel cages are lightweight and create a safe environment for your parrot, which makes them ideal for any trip. They come in different varieties, so you can go here if you want to find out more details and read parrot cage reviews.

bird-carrier-for-air-travelChoosing a travel cage usually depends on the types of features you need for your bird. The cage should be large enough so that the bird feels comfortable regardless of its size, but small enough to prevent smaller birds from getting away. All cages should be sturdy, have a handle on top and fit in your car easily. Lightweight cages are usually easier to carry and handle. Always keep the cage clean, especially if you are planning on taking longer trips. Some items have a slide out tray that prevents the parrot from escaping while you are cleaning the cage. Bottom grills help keep the cage clean, and paper substrate can also be used for the same purpose. If you need to travel by airplane, make sure to choose an airline-approved travel cage.

Parrot Travel CageRegardless of the features you prefer, food and water are essential during any trip, so make sure to choose a travel cage with attached bowls. These must be easy to remove for cleaning and allow the parrot complete access to them. Some cages come with water bottles because they are more practical and don’t get spilled. They can be ideal for longer trips or during summer vacations, but don’t forget to teach your parrot how to use a water bottle before the actual travel so that it stays hydrated during the trip.