Understand the Anatomy of Your High-Performance Shaving Cream

Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients of your shaving cream and wondered what they are and their role in giving you that smooth face? Every shaving cream comes with a unique collection of ingredients, with each ingredient playing a huge role in the performance of the shaving cream. The performance of the cream gives you an indication of whether the ingredients are in the right concentration or mix. Here, we look at the role of the major ingredients in high-performance creams such as those found on http://www.manlymatters.net/shaving-creams/.


Aqua, another term for water, works as a solvent. The aqua also serves as the holding matrix for the air that forms the foam when you apply the cream. Water is also an important agent that distributes the ingredients evenly.

After you generate foam, the water in it also serves to keep your hair moist during a shave. When the level of water in the formulation is inadequate, the performance of the shaving cream becomes below par.

Stearic Acid

This saturated fatty acid acts as a base in which oils and aqua blend. This base helps to bind and thicken the ingredients in the shaving cream. This acid also gives your cream the consistency that allows it to adhere to your skin perfectly. The melting point of the shaving cream is usually higher than the body temperature, but Stearic acid comes in to maintain the consistency for the lather to last longer on the skin for a smoother shave.

Potassium/ Sodium Hydroxide

These ingredients occur as salts in shaving creams and are used to control the pH of the formulation. The salts have the ability to attract water and dissolve in it. Hydroxides also help to break down hair follicles to a smaller extent, consequently making it softer and easier to cut. You find most shaving creams listing these hydroxides as “saponified oils”.

Myristic Acid

This saturated fatty acid is a common ingredient in shaving creams due to its emulsifying properties. Shaving creams that use this acid in their formulation enable you to enjoy faster foaming due to the resulting intermediate bubbles.


Otherwise listed as glycerin, this ingredient is a member of the sugar alcohol family and has the uncanny habit of retaining water. Due to this characteristic, glycerin increases the stability of foam and improves lather density. Glycerol also adds to the viscosity of oil-water solutions, thus enhancing the glide of the foam. It also improves hydration of the top layer of your skin.

Triethanolamine (TEA)

This alkaline base works primarily as an emulsifier and lowers surface tension. The alkaline property helps to neutralize the pH of other ingredients. It also helps to solubilize ingredients that are poorly soluble in water. This ingredient comes in minute quantities in those shaving creams that make use of it.


Understanding the ingredients of your shaving cream helps you know when to avoid some of the formulations especially when you have sensitive skin. Make sure to read the label on the shaving cream before making that critical purchase.