What to Look for When Selecting a Juicer

Homemade juice has become very famous over the past few years mainly because it is natural and its various health benefits. To extract natural juice, you need a juicer which comes in numerous makes, designs, shapes and models and it can thus be a nightmare to a beginner who wishes to select the best. The following are the things to consider when looking for a juicer that suits your need.

  1. The cost of production. Producing juice at home can be less expensive than buying the same from a local vendor or the store. Remember that you need either vegetables or fruits for this exercise and an energy source. If you live in an area where there is a scarce supply of the ingredients or they are highly priced, the production cost can turn out to be higher than expected.
  2. Taste and preferences. Some people love vegetable while others prefer the fruit’s extracts. There are different models and makes to cater for individual needs and they have different features. Some makes can handle hard parts such as guava seeds while others are ideal for soft fruits such as ripe bananas. Pick a model that fits your individual needs and use it according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Storage period. You need to consider how soon you shall drink the extract after preparation. Some models which use centrifugal technology are known to cause friction and heat which oxidizes the juice thus compromising its freshness. You should thus drink the extracts from these models immediately. Masticating juicers are ideal if you wish to store your drink for an extended period. These models produce little-to-no heat which means that the oxidation is also low. Such models are slow in production but are a favorite pick because of the quality of their output.
  4. Control speeds. Recent makes such as those at http://www.juicercruiser.com/ come with five speeds which allow you to switch to your preferred setting quickly. Hard items like carrots require a higher setting than softer foods such as the greens. Such controls give you the flexibility to prepare different extracts from the same appliance without compromising the quality.
  5. Budget. You need to evaluate model’s prices against the features and capability. Check customer comments, and expert reviews on various make so as to land on the best pick. Highly rated juicers tend to have large capacities, advanced features and are easy to clean.
  6. Add-ons. Recent models have the capability to process various foods, a feature that was not available on their predecessors. You can prepare almond milk, coffee, pasta, ice cream and nut butter from some of these fantastic appliances.

Identifying your specific need is the first step to guide you in selecting the best juicer. You need to clean the juicer regularly and store it in a cool place for it to be durable and efficient in juice production.