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11 Most Common Car Repairs

Car repair shops attend to a large range of car problems for clients, but some areas tend to get more attention than others. Auto repair shops will often divide their services as well as departments based on the following kinds of services. For more information about car servicing and maintenance, visit

Oil changes

Most drivers know that their car’s oil needs to be changed regularly, and most of them are deciding to leave this to professionals. Oil changes are fairly easy and straightforward. Car repair shops often use this opportunity to sell to their customers additional services, such as filter change outs, coolant flushes, and so on.

Oil leaks

See dark, oily areas on your driveway? These are normally signs of oil leaks from the system. While usually not critical, if not addressed quickly, such leaks may deplete a car’s oil supply as well as permanently stain the area on which the leak falls.

Air conditioning repairs

While your air conditioning system needs to be completely sealed, vibrations that happen during normal driving may sometimes cause leaks. This is often a complicated process and one needs to be certified to fix air conditioning systems. For this reason and since you need equipment, it’s best to leave this kind of repair to professionals.

Brake service

While some people opt to take their vehicles to a repair service that specializes in brakes, brake service remains one of the major services offered by the best auto repair centers. In fact, a standard auto repair center where you get other car services is a better bet for quality and fairly priced brake repairs, adjustment or replacement.

Wheel alignment and tire replacement

Having proper wheel alignment is a crucial part of your regular car maintenance. If your wheels are not aligned, you car may start to veer to one side, which is a dangerous way to drive. Similarly, tire replacement helps ensure that your vehicle’s tires aren’t worn down to the extent that they deteriorate prematurely or become difficult to handle. Replacements or repairs are also important when your tires are punctured or damaged by nails or other things on the road. See your regular car repair service to have wheel alignment and tire replacement done by those you trust.

Suspension systems

Faulty suspension system is one of the main reasons why people take their cars to repair services. The suspension system constitutes a huge part of the vehicle that can’t be as easily and directly accessed as other auto parts like the motor, and wheels and belts. This inaccessibility, in addition to making adjustment and repairs, makes suspension system maintenance one of the services car repair shops often provide.

Ignition system repairs

In most cases, when a vehicle won’t start, the issue could be the battery. Sometimes the issue goes deeper, though—extending to the car’s ignition system. If this happens, diagnosis and repairs/replacements require a greater level of expertise and cost. In fact, this is even more relevant now than in the past as almost all cars of today come with electronic ignition systems.

Battery replacements

Most batteries are made to last just 4-6 years. For many car owners, the frustration is that unlike faulty brakes which squeal and squeak when approaching failure, car batteries usually just go cold suddenly, leaving cars stuck wherever this problem occurs. This is why plenty of car service centers have at least a tow truck on call or on site.

Coolant system flushes

Coolant or antifreeze fluids in radiators get weaker over time. They must be replaced with new solutions every few years.

Fuel system repairs

Many drivers who have clocked at least 50,000 miles and have frequently driven on less than ¼ of a tank will recommend that you get a new fuel system. Filter and fuel pump replacements as well as injector cleaning may be expensive and is usually best left to a trained professional.

Transmission repairs or replacements

Finally, fixing a faulty transmission is one major car repair. For most drivers, being told that they have a bad transmission is much like hearing that they have a faulty ticker, which means that any repair will be expensive and complicated. Of all the above most common car repairs, transmission repair/replacement is the least likely of DIY projects. Transmission repairs require specialized equipment and expertise. And, of course, they’re costly.

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