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Creating the perfect workspace can be a very difficult process. You need to be able to balance productivity and creativity. If a person focuses too much on productivity, things can quickly become dull and boring. If a person focuses too much on creativity, it can be difficult to focus. Having the perfect balance is important. Here are few things to consider when designing the ideal office space.

Color Combinations

Color choice may seem like a personal preference, but there is a reason why we see so many blue and yellow office spaces. Bright, happy colors can make people feel better when they come to work. Calming colors can make them feel more relaxed. If you are worried about being trendy, here are a few simple color combinations that never go out of style:

  •         Leaf green and chocolate brown
  •         Light blue and tan or sand
  •         Black, white, and a little bit of firetruck red
  •         Crème, with splashes of lime green, bright yellow, or orange
  •         Royal blue and white

Choosing the right color combination from the start can make the office come together quickly. If you are looking for something more unique to keep people’s attention, try selecting a really vibrant color and pairing it with a neutral tone. This can be a great way to create a one-of-a-kind office space!

Floor Plan Affects Productivity

When designing an office space, floor plans matter. Saving seconds each day by avoiding walking through other people’s work spaces or taking a long walk to the bathroom can add up over time. This is why so many modern businesses opt in to having an open floor plan. Open floor plans allow people to move quickly from one area to the next.

If your business deals with customers, consider having a meeting room close to the reception area. Then, keep the rest of the work area open. This allows you to create a pristine customer environment without affecting workflow.

Comfortable Office Furniture

Employees should feel comfortable while they work. While you need to ensure each employee has what they need to be productive, you should also select furniture that will keep them happy. This usually means springing for highly-functional desks and plush office seats. Even offices that are on a budget can find suitable options at affordable prices. It is amazing how many options we have when we are willing to do a little bit of research.


Keep Personal Offices Simple and Organized

The key to good organization is a simple layout. We’ve already discussed how open floor plans increase productivity, but you will also need to focus on personal space to maximize results. First, try to minimize the amount of items in the work space. Include a desk, file cabinet, computer, office chair, and one or two pieces of eye-catching décor. This creates a space that is distraction-free and easy to organize.

Encourage people to keep desks clear and well-maintained. Clutter can easily make people feel overwhelmed. Imagine the anxiety of having a huge stack of papers to sort through on your desk. Now imagine each file was put away, only to be pulled out when needed. This creates a calming workspace. Combined with a comfortable chair, a person’s desk can easily become inviting.


Did you know that the way a room smells can have a dramatic impact on the way we feel about it? No one wants to be welcomed with the smell of mildew in the morning. Instead of relying on open windows, invest in a few scent diffusers for the office and incorporate them into the interior design. Modern scent diffusers can be disguised as cute little desk ornaments, making them a fun addition to the workspace. Try a fun citrus scent to keep people feeling alert and awake. If the environment seems stressful, try switching to an uplifting peppermint or calming lavender scent!

There are several things to consider when creating the ideal office space. While focusing on layout and color scheme may seem obvious, other smaller factors like scent can affect overall productivity and mood. With the right combination, you can quickly transform your workplace into a comfortable, creative space.


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