Lagging behind your online competitors isn’t the best of places to find yourself a business owner.  Sure, you aren’t a big company with wads of unlimited cash to spend on digital marketers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a one-man/woman army.

In short, the more you know, the easier it is to outperform your competition.   Here’s a collection of tidbits to help position your business for success.

Hone your Copywriting Skills

See, you will have to own a website for your business if you want to compete in the digital space. By extension, this implies that you have to upload compelling content to entice your visitors to take action. Indeed, you can hire an experienced writer to churn out the articles, but this can prove challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

On the flipside, however, you can start your career as a copywriter, and produce stellar posts for your website. That way, you can drive traffic to your site while increasing the rate of conversion without leaving a hole in your budget. You only need to keep perfecting your skills one day at a time.

Take it Slow

One of the biggest mistakes you’re likely to commit as a digital marketing rookie is to try to everything with little or no experience. You cannot set up fifteen social media accounts, start a PPC account, and embark on a tight blogging routine while hoping to get everything done correctly.

The crucial lesson you should learn as a newbie is that less is more. So, you should shift your focus to consistency. In other words, make it your number one aim to accomplish small things over time as opposed to striving to do it all at once.

And, once you’re consistent with your plans you will;

  • Build a loyal following
  • Build a loyal customer base that will turn into return buyers
  • Save money since you don’t have to depend too much on paid advertising

Establish your Presence on Social Media

In this day of Facebook and Instagram, you have to be on social media if you want to establish your brand’s presence. Do you know, for instance, that repeated studies show that up to 81% of American have a social media account? And that was way back in 2017!

Embrace Influencer Marketing

For starters, influencer marketing involves using prominent figures to target your ideal customer. For example, you can use a popular personality for marketing your cosmetic products, and so on. Why is this essential? Well, because it offers an opportunity to get as many referrals as possible.

It is essential to mention that when using this strategy, you should look for a person with the most popularity. Put differently, influencer marketing is all about having the number, and the candidate who has the most is without a doubt the best option.

Have an Email List

Yes, email lists are still powerful and you should have one. A research carried out by Hatchbuck established that people who purchase their merchandise via email tend to spend about 138% more.

QuickSprout, on the other hand, says that your email subscriber base is likely to grow three times more if you share your content on social media.

You may not know it, but very few businesses consider having an email list. Most of them think that they can still get the results they’re looking for by having a massive social media following.

Stick to the 80-20 Rule for Content

You 80-20 rules states that you achieve 80% of your success from 20% of your efforts. And, the logic is true in virtually any area, including your content. So be sure to diversify your material. You can opt for webinars, videos, infographics, blog posts, and more.

So, how do you ensure that you abide by the 80-20 rule? Well, 80% of your content should deliver value, while the remaining 20% focuses on promotions. Value in this context translates to unique, relevant, fresh, and timely information that solves your customer’s problem. Think of it as what you need to achieve the 20% success.

In conclusion, while these aren’t the only tactics you can use to start your digital marketing campaign on the right footing, they’re some of the most crucial. Others include perfecting your SEO game and using paid advertising.

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