Business Marketing with Instagram

People who market on Instagram are usually busy. They’re often more interested in growing their business than spending time crafting online strategies. Unfortunately, online marketing isn’t simply a plug and play task. Or is it?

The value of marketing online

If you have a quality product and want eyes on it there are a multitude of ways to go about getting people’s attention. All the usual physical methods work just fine, but they’re often limited to and by your surroundings and time. Face to face contact is important, but as you grow it can become inefficient.

This is where online marketing comes in. There are two main reasons you would want to market online: you can attract attention for your project or product in a far greater area than with physical advertising and your online ads don’t take breaks.

Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would consistently be working, day and night, to get eyes on whatever it is that you want people to see. This is powerful and can drastically increase your reach. This of course results in more views and possibly more conversions.

Instagram in particular as a marketing tool of choice

While there are obvious merits to platforms like Facebook, Instagram is a particularly high performing choice for your investment in time and money.

For you, this means that as long as you have quality content you can attract followers. So, it simply becomes a matter of figuring out what people in your niche may want to see and creating quality content. The question then becomes: what is quality content and what makes a good Instagram account?

What makes for quality content

Many people struggle with what to upload to their account. Admittedly, it is difficult to be original and informative on social media. It seems like everyone is doing the same thing. The trick is to take photos that convey the feeling you want your project, product or company.

This sounds vague but, bear with me. If you sell denim you should absolutely snap the occasional shop of your product or people crafting your jeans, but what you really want to capture is the vibe your jeans should put out. Who will wear your product? How should they feel when they wear it. That is what you want to snap and upload.

Once you have your images down it’s as simple as hashtagging for exposure, tagging the appropriate people in your niche and writing an inspiring caption. If you aren’t much for words talk to a poetic friend or coworker. Now you just have to network.

Networking and the social part of media

This part is difficult for many. The truth is that reaching a massive following can take years if you aren’t already an influencer. The process goes as following: follow the right people, hashtag properly for exposure, collaborate and tag the right people and hopefully someone notices how awesome you are and tags you.

You’re doing this all while making sure you upload quality content and working on your business. This grind isn’t for everyone. There is something to be said about those that do it “right”, but everyone doesn’t want to put in the time. There’s an option for those people.

Bots and automating the social aspect

Instagram botting isn’t new. Chances are that a few of your favorite accounts do it and you’ve never noticed. The concept is simple. The bot does all the liking, following, unfollowing and commenting for you.

These actions drive authentic engagement with your account and all you have to do is hashtag your content to tell the bot where to go. There areĀ good Instagram bots, bad bots, and out of commision bots. If you choose to use them just don’t tell anyone.

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