Misfuelling: A Customer’s Experience

September 10th, 2018 – Accidentally put petrol in my VW instead of Diesel

The following outlines my tale of woes about using the wrong fuel. This piece is all about helping you avoid the same problem I went through so that you save yourself the hassle of having to run up and down looking for a solution.

On the day in question, I drove the VW Passat to work as I always do. The car is equipped with a 2-liter turbo diesel engine, and it is the only car I use to go to work and run errands as well.

While I was in driving the car to work, I saw the low fuel warning light come on, and though I could have easily made it work with the remaining fuel, I noticed that the fuel pump at the next turn didn’t have a queue, and with the notion that I might find a queue later in the evening when going back home, I decided to fuel up. And since I had various errands to run after work, I thought it would be a good idea to fuel up before I go to work.

I pulled at the pump and remembered going through the various tasks in my head, so I wasn’t really concentrating on putting in the fuel. Once I had filled the tank, I got back into the car and started the engine. It was smooth at first, but a few meters from the pump it sounded rough and then as I drove towards the exit the car stalled without warning and the check engine light came on.

I was confused at first, and I thought the car had an issue. I called my mechanic who asked me what happened right before the engine stalled, and I told him I had filled the tank with fuel. He asked me whether I had put petrol in diesel car; this is when it dawned on me that I had just filled my tank with the wrong type of fuel.

To make the situation worse, my car was blocking the exit of the fuel station, and there was a line of motorists hooting looking for a way to drive out of the station. Luckily the station attendant came over and helped me push the vehicle to a safe spot just within the station.

I asked my mechanic what to do next, and he told me that I had to contact a fuel removal service, of which he didn’t know any in the area. Fortunately, one of the motorists heard my plight and came and gave me a card. Within minutes an engineer had arrived and started working on the issue.

Here are a few lessons I learned from this experience.

You Need an Expert

From the look of things, misfueling your car needs an expert to help you handle the issue. Don’t use just any engineer to do the task. This means you need to make sure you work with someone that has a positive reputation within the industry and who knows what to do.

Secondly, you need to work with a company that is available. Some companies have just a few engineers who are always on the road which means that you might sit the whole night waiting for an engineer to come and assist you. The response time matters a lot because you need to be on your way in the shortest time possible.

Don’t Panic

When this happens to many people, they panic, and they end up trying to drive the car to the next auto repair shop. This is a huge mistake. What you need to do when this happens is to drive the car to the nearest safe spot and then park it. Switch off the ignition so that the fuel doesn’t flow around the engine.

You also need to spot the signs of misfuelling. These include:

    • An obvious sign is that you have used petrol instead of diesel.
    • Smoke billowing from your exhaust pipe.
    • Your car misfires, and finally stalls.
    • If you have run for long, the car won’t start on the next attempt.

Once you spot the signs, you need to call in the fuel removal company so that they send an engineer over to help you with the problem.

You don’t need to continue driving the vehicle since this makes the problem worse and damages the engine.

The Process

The right engineer takes you through the process of cleaning the fuel tank and pump. He explains what he will do and tells you why he does it. He comes with the right equipment to remove the oil, and he also tells you how long the whole process takes so that you can reschedule an appointment or call into work and explain the situation.

The cost will depend on how long you drove the car before you realised your mistake. This means that if you drove the car for a short period, then the damage won’t be as pronounced as when you drove it for a long time. The cost also depends on the parts that were affected and if they need to be replaced or not.

The process takes a short time, and within half an hour I was on my way, my car running the way I was used to. The engineer explained to me in detail what happens when you put the wrong fuel, especially petrol in a diesel tank. It is known that diesel uses lubricants to make the components work when you use petrol, you eliminate the lubricant, which means the components rub against each other and end up getting spoilt.

In Closing

Stuff happens, and when it happens, you need to make sure you get the right person to handle it. When I misfuelled my car, I was initially terrified and thought that was the end of my engine, but the right engineer came and worked on the issue and in a few minutes I was on my way to work.


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4 Tips for Buying A Luxury Car

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Luxury Car

So you are thinking about buying your first luxury car, and the choices on the market are so many? You do not know if you should get a midsized car, one that can hold all your family members or even one that you can use for business. It is common for people to get all mixed up for the first time. Remember that this is one of the biggest assets you will ever buy and thus you should get it right from the start. The following are the things you should know before you buy one.

It defines your class

There is some prestige that comes with owning a luxury car especially if you live in an average neighborhood. Expect some people to pave the way for you once in a while and treat you with respect just because you drive a prestigious car. There are some places that people will not expect you to hang out in just because you own a certain car. Some public places will even have designated parking spots for your model which makes you feel unique. People expect you to be an accomplished businessman or an executive in a reputable company.

It requires maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that maintaining a luxury car is a very expensive affair. However, it is not always the case because every car needs maintenance. Taking your car to the dealer can be quite expensive when compared to local mechanics. You should seek a reputable company to maintain your car and give you the services you deserve. You can get more ideas on how to keep your luxury car in good shape. How you maintain your car determines its resale value because you cannot stick with one car forever.

It comes with some advanced features

The premium price you pay for a luxury car is there because of the features that it comes with. These cars have some of the most-responsive and advanced airbags that will keep you safe during an accident. Some will not even feel the potholes while you are driving on an unmaintained road. Some models can detect blind spots and even notify you when you are likely to have a collision. Most of the recent models come with advanced navigation systems that you can trust even when driving in a new neighborhood. However, it is worth noting that the features will vary from one model to the next.

Sometimes you may not utilize it to the full potential

There are some features that you may not even try to utilize because they are very risky. Just because your car has a speedometer of 360, it does not mean that you have to try it because you can end up causing an accident. You have the bragging rights to tell your friends how you have a car with amazing features, but you will never use them.

Knowing the above facts will help you make an informed decision. You can then decide on the model and make that suits you best.

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Understanding Car Valuations

When you decide to sell your car, you need to determine the right price. If you do it wrong, you might end up selling the car at a loss or on the other hand wait for a call or email from a potential buyer for weeks on end. This is why Auto Bookie has decided to come up with a guide on how they perform the valuation so that you understand what you are paying for.

Understanding Car Prices and Value

Setting the right price for your vehicle will not only help your car sell faster, but it also allows you and the buyer to feel you are getting the right deal. You as the seller will feel you are getting the best deal while the buyer won’t feel as if he is getting ripped off.

The value of your car depends on a broad range of components including the mileage, condition, its age, accessories and more. Some factors are within your control, while others are totally out of your control. For example, if the area you want to sell the vehicle has hundreds of other similar models, buyers might walk away from the deal and get a better deal from another person. This fact can have a big impact on the value of your car, reducing the prices.

The role of valuation by Auto Bookie is to get to the point where the potential buyer will be very willing to pay the price you ask, and you are willing to sell the car. Here are the various aspects of valuation.

Market Assessment

One of the tasks that the valuation experts handle is assessing the prevailing used car market situation. The first consideration is to check whether your vehicle model is in demand or not. While some people are simply seeking for a way to get from point A to point B, others are in for some luxury.

Another aspect of assessment focuses on the time of the year to sell the car. The company checks whether you get the best price at this time or you get more if you wait a little bit longer. If you sell the car at the wrong time, your vehicle might sit on the market for a long time. For instance, you won’t have much luck selling your convertible in winter.

The economic situation also comes into focus during the assessment. If people are in a position where they prefer to spend more than save, then the price will get affected. Another factor affecting the possibility of selling your vehicle is the fuel consumption rate. If you try to sell a car that has a high fuel consumption rate when the fuel prices are high, you will have to wait a little bit longer before you get the price you want.

What Are Similar Cars Selling For?

The valuation expert has access to a database that shows the prices for similar and different models. The expert will use the database and various trusted online sites to get a general idea of how much your car might cost. The expert will determine whether the price you expect is too high or too low.


You shouldn’t forget that not all the vehicles of the same year, make and model are equal in performance and price. One of the main differences that make this a reality is the mileage. You might get a better price for a car with a lower mileage than one with higher mileage.

The valuation expert checks out various factors to determine the mileage and how it affects the price. If you are selling a vehicle that is one year old and has done 40,000 miles, people will assume you have driven it so hard. This is different from a car that is ten years old and has 70,000 miles on the odometer.

Added Extras

Mileage isn’t the only element that can reduce or add the value of your car. If you added some extras such as better air conditioning, GPS navigation, better stereo systems, sunroofs and more, your car would sell faster. Using these extras cancels out anything that might reduce the price of the car. You also need to consider the vehicle condition as well. If you maintained the car properly and you have never been in an accident, you can get a better price on it.

Get a Competitive Price

Your goal as a seller is to get a price that will give a chance for the buyer to negotiate and still get a good price. The best thing to do is come up with your proposed price. From here, you need to visit a valuation expert to get the ultimate price.

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11 Most Common Car Repairs

car repair

11 Most Common Car Repairs

Car repair shops attend to a large range of car problems for clients, but some areas tend to get more attention than others. Auto repair shops will often divide their services as well as departments based on the following kinds of services. For more information about car servicing and maintenance, visit https://www.pmwltd.co.uk/.

Oil changes

Most drivers know that their car’s oil needs to be changed regularly, and most of them are deciding to leave this to professionals. Oil changes are fairly easy and straightforward. Car repair shops often use this opportunity to sell to their customers additional services, such as filter change outs, coolant flushes, and so on.

Oil leaks

See dark, oily areas on your driveway? These are normally signs of oil leaks from the system. While usually not critical, if not addressed quickly, such leaks may deplete a car’s oil supply as well as permanently stain the area on which the leak falls.

Air conditioning repairs

While your air conditioning system needs to be completely sealed, vibrations that happen during normal driving may sometimes cause leaks. This is often a complicated process and one needs to be certified to fix air conditioning systems. For this reason and since you need equipment, it’s best to leave this kind of repair to professionals.

Brake service

While some people opt to take their vehicles to a repair service that specializes in brakes, brake service remains one of the major services offered by the best auto repair centers. In fact, a standard auto repair center where you get other car services is a better bet for quality and fairly priced brake repairs, adjustment or replacement.

Wheel alignment and tire replacement

Having proper wheel alignment is a crucial part of your regular car maintenance. If your wheels are not aligned, you car may start to veer to one side, which is a dangerous way to drive. Similarly, tire replacement helps ensure that your vehicle’s tires aren’t worn down to the extent that they deteriorate prematurely or become difficult to handle. Replacements or repairs are also important when your tires are punctured or damaged by nails or other things on the road. See your regular car repair service to have wheel alignment and tire replacement done by those you trust.

Suspension systems

Faulty suspension system is one of the main reasons why people take their cars to repair services. The suspension system constitutes a huge part of the vehicle that can’t be as easily and directly accessed as other auto parts like the motor, and wheels and belts. This inaccessibility, in addition to making adjustment and repairs, makes suspension system maintenance one of the services car repair shops often provide.

Ignition system repairs

In most cases, when a vehicle won’t start, the issue could be the battery. Sometimes the issue goes deeper, though—extending to the car’s ignition system. If this happens, diagnosis and repairs/replacements require a greater level of expertise and cost. In fact, this is even more relevant now than in the past as almost all cars of today come with electronic ignition systems.

Battery replacements

Most batteries are made to last just 4-6 years. For many car owners, the frustration is that unlike faulty brakes which squeal and squeak when approaching failure, car batteries usually just go cold suddenly, leaving cars stuck wherever this problem occurs. This is why plenty of car service centers have at least a tow truck on call or on site.

Coolant system flushes

Coolant or antifreeze fluids in radiators get weaker over time. They must be replaced with new solutions every few years.

Fuel system repairs

Many drivers who have clocked at least 50,000 miles and have frequently driven on less than ¼ of a tank will recommend that you get a new fuel system. Filter and fuel pump replacements as well as injector cleaning may be expensive and is usually best left to a trained professional.

Transmission repairs or replacements

Finally, fixing a faulty transmission is one major car repair. For most drivers, being told that they have a bad transmission is much like hearing that they have a faulty ticker, which means that any repair will be expensive and complicated. Of all the above most common car repairs, transmission repair/replacement is the least likely of DIY projects. Transmission repairs require specialized equipment and expertise. And, of course, they’re costly.

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