Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Knowing how to buy cryptocurrency is the first step in investing in e-currency. However, knowing what type of trading platform to choose is one of the most critical steps to take. Make sure you select the right one.

In this guide, we take you through the top items to consider in the checklist before making a decision on which exchange to use.

The Country Where the Exchange is Located

Knowing the country where the exchange is based on is vital because the laws and regulations can vary from one state to the next.  However, buying coins in your home country is recommended as you can be within the rules.

Despite the platform being in your home country, you need to make sure that it accepts multiple currencies. Always check the fine print, so that you know what kind of currencies they take and don’t accept. You need to work with a platform that accepts a wide range of currencies. The more the currencies accepted, the better. One of the top exchanges that you can work with is Bitsane. You can check out more information on Bitsane User Reviews – Selected Best.

How Can You Purchase the Coins?

You need to find out how you can purchase the coins from the platform. Some platforms allow you to buy coins, but they restrict the mode of payment that you can use. This doesn’t work for most people.

You need a platform that allows you to buy the coins in different payment modes ranging from PayPal to bank transfers.

You also need to consider the privacy levels when buying the coins, for instance, cash is safe while credit cards are the least private way to obtain the coins.

The Fees

You need to know the exchange fees that you have to pay for each transaction you make. Make sure that the exchange fees are reasonable and are not so exorbitant compared to the rest of the market.

However, these fees can change over time and vary from one exchange to the next. Some exchanges charge extra fees on top of the standard fees charged for exchange.

The Various Levels

Some exchanges use tier-based strategies to make sure you don’t endanger the other buyers on the market. The tier comes according to the way you buy and sell. You might get to a new tier if you buy a certain amount in coins. Each tier comes with its features, such as the ability to use different payment modes and more.


You need to work with a coin exchange that is transparent in its dealings. The exchange needs to publish audit information and cold storage addresses on how you can verify the coin reserves. This audit information is a good way for the exchange to prove that it has enough liquidity to cover all the coins exchange transactions.

How Fast You Get the Coins

The need for speed varies from person to person. Some people need the coins within 30 minutes while others need them in a shorter or longer period. You need to know how long the exchange takes to deliver to coins to you after you purchase them. You also need to know the price the coins are locked at so that you know how many coins you receive even if it means staying for several days before receiving the coins.


Make sure you work with a secure platform. First, the site needs to use the HTTPS protocol that supports the SSL protocol. The site should also offer secure logins with the option of 2FA protocol.

Final Words

Make sure the platform you choose to trade the coins has the right features to secure your investment.


Home Improvement: 3 Power Tools You Need To Have

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of building or repairing something using your own two hands and a fully charged power tool. You will discover a sense of accomplishment and forget about any stress in your life by focusing on the project in front of you. Whether you’re a professional, a hobbyist, or you just need to fix a few things around the house, here are three power tools you need to have in your collection.

Nail Gun

Not only does the nail gun (or nailer) have the coolest-sounding name this side of the chainsaw, it is an extraordinarily useful tool. Forget the headaches associated with your trusty old hammer and pick up a nail gun the next time you need to drive a nail into something. Instead of requiring a loud pounding, a nail gun only needs one shot to get that nail where it needs to go. As much fun as a nail gun might sound, though, always exercise extreme caution when using a nailer or any other power tool. Nail guns have two types of firing mechanisms, as follows:

  • Sequential Firing: This is the safer option, as you must let go of the trigger each time you want to fire a nail. Sequential firing also requires the gun’s nose to be pressed against the surface you’re nailing before the trigger will work.
  • Dual Contact Firing: Rather than pulling the trigger for each nail you want to shoot, dual-contact allows you to keep firing nails as long as you hold the trigger down and have the nose pressed against the surface. This comes in handy when you are firing a series of nails in a row, but there is the remote possibility that you may accidentally press the nose against something else while your finger is on the trigger.

Depending on the project, there are a number of different types of nail guns available, including framing nailers, finishing nailers, flooring nailers, roofing nailers, and brad nailers. While cordless nail guns tend to be more expensive than their pneumatic counterparts, they provide a more convenient experience since you can use them anywhere. If you’re not sure what kind of nail gun you need, check out for more information.

Electric Drill

A tried-and-true staple of any handyman’s tool kit, the portable electric drill has been around for over a hundred years. Recent advancements in battery technology have made the cordless drill even more essential, with a variety of accessories that can be mounted on to the drill to perform different tasks. The development of lithium-ion batteries allows increased power and more time between charges, so you can do whatever job you need to do without worrying about the battery dying. Some specialty drills are equipped with built-in LED lighting so you can see exactly what you’re doing, and there are also smart drills that will adjust the power you need based on the project you’re doing. Like most gadgets these days, the smart drill can connect wirelessly to a cloud-based tool management system to exchange information.

Power Sander

Although sanding is no one’s idea of a good time, it’s an unavoidable task for anyone who works with wood for pleasure or pay. There’s almost something zen about gently but forcefully sanding your wood down until it’s perfectly smooth. If you’re an active do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t enjoy the monotonous sanding process, however, an electric power sander will do the job more efficiently while basically doing all the work for you. Three of the most versatile types of this tool are belt sanders, orbital finishing sanders, and random-orbit sanders.

  • Belt Sander: For a large, rough surface that requires a vigorous sanding, the belt sander is the heaviest-dutiest option at your disposal. Perfect for removing paint, stain, varnish, and other old finish. If you really want to have a good time, try a technique called gang sanding – clamp a few boards together and smooth down their narrow edges at the same time, rather than doing them separately. Just be careful, because this big guy can be hard to handle in the hands of a novice and can really do some damage to a workshop.
  • Orbital Finishing Sander: The yin to the belt sander’s yang, the orbital finishing sander is lightweight, quiet, and easy to use with one hand. Best used for lighter duty such as rounding sharp edges, sanding off putty, and ultra-smooth wood sanding. That means it’s also pretty harmless and doesn’t pose much of a threat; regardless, safety first.
  • Random-Orbit Sander: If the belt sander and the orbital finishing sander had a baby together, it would be the random-orbit sander. Although it resembles the orbital finishing sander in appearance, this powerful and flexible tool is capable of performing more strenuous tasks as well as ultra-smooth sanding. It has a square pad – rather than a round pad – that spins and vibrates simultaneously to achieve the desired effect. As a result, it doesn’t leave behind a noticeable swirl in the wood. While it doesn’t work as quickly as the belt sander, the random-orbit sander can handle most projects due to its versatility.

Even though a majority of power sanders come equipped with dust-collection bags or wet/dry vacuum ports, you should always wear a dual-cartridge respirator or dust mask when you’re sanding away, especially if the wood is coated with varnish or paint. Safety glasses are also recommended when using power tools, and be aware of any loose or baggy clothing at all times.


How to Market Your Business on Instagram and Why You Should

Instagram was made available on the Appstore and Google Play in 2010 and became an almost instant success. Today, over 700 million people are active every month on the photo-sharing platform. In the United States alone, 28% of adults have an Instagram account. People from all over the globe use Instagram and its popularity continues to grow every day.

With so many viewers, Instagram offers businesses an opportunity to grow their business and interact with their customers on a personal level. It’s also a great tool for launching new products and getting feedback from customers.

Instagram users engage with brands much more on Instagram than on other social platforms. Why is engagement so important? Well, engagement, put simply, is your ability to connect with your customers. Customers who feel they connect with a business are more likely to purchase services or products from that business and recommend that business.

Marketing Your Business on Instagram

First, decide on the audience you want to connect with on Instagram. What’s their average age? Are you looking to connect with local or global audiences?  What interests would your target audience have? What motivates them? Answering these questions will help you pinpoint just who your target audience is.

Next, make sure your username represents your company and makes it easy to find. If customers are not able to find you they won’t be able to interact with you! You will also want to make sure your username reflects your brand’s personality. What’s your company’s voice? Are you bold and adventurous? Refined and professional? Make sure you’re consistent with your brand personality and content. Random and disordered content can deter followers and make your business seem unprofessional.

Businesses on Instagram post around 5-6 times a week. This steady stream of content keeps followers interested and increases your company’s reach. Make sure you are posting quality content and be consistent! Your Instagram following will continue to grow!

Editorial calendars are a great way to keep track of what you want to post and when you should post it. Set a goal of how many posts to make weekly (remember, 5-6 is the weekly business average) and write it down on your calendar.

Are you planning to launch a new project? A month before it’s due to launch, post a teaser photo on Instagram. If there’s a certain holiday coming up, plan to post content related to the holiday. The editorial calendar is truly the best way to plan your content and make sure it’s relevant and engaging!

Other Instagram Tips

There are certain times every day when your content is more likely to reach your audience. Try to avoid posting around 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in your target audience’s time zone.

Don’t overdo it on the filters. Users love bright, colorful images, but try to get as much natural color as possible. Pick two or three filters you like and use them occasionally.

Learn how to hashtag! Posts with hashtags tend to get more views. But, same as the filters, don’t overdo it! Balance and consistency are key!

If you want to learn more about social media and Instagram marketing, check out This is a great site to learn how to market your business on social platforms and optimize your content for sharing!


Ways to Use Self Storage Units

It takes a lot to move from one town to another effortlessly. But there are so many items that you might not need and that you will have to get a smart storage unit for a few months, maybe a year. These self-storage units give you the chance to keep the extra items as you get organized. Having a self-storage unit is also the best way to handle clutter in the home. Let us look at the various ways you can use a self-storage unit.

Store Kids Toys

As the kids grow, you accumulate more and more toys that you might not need. One of the best ways is to get a self-storage unit that will hold the toys you don’t need. This beats the need for you to give away the toys and then need them a year down the line. Remember, you might one day get grandchildren that might need the toys. Passing down the toys helps the parents to cut down costs when they add to their families.

The self-storage units, apart from offering adequate space to hold the items, also provide the right environment to keep the items safe from vandalism and rotting. You also have the chance to choose the right size depending on the number of toys you have.


Furniture can be a nuisance when you relocate especially if you are moving to a new home or you have acquired new pieces for the new home. One of the ways to keep the furniture from rotting away or disposing of it is to keep the chairs or beds in a self-storage unit. The unit you choose needs to be airy and large enough to hold the furniture.

To get the right size for the task, make sure to consider the size of the furniture and the number of pieces. You also have to determine how the various pieces will fit together.

Kitchen Items

One of the common ways to use these units from SmartLockStorage is to store kitchen items when performing a remodeling project. The kitchen items need a unit that is dry and that will make sure the items don’t rust or rot. Get the right unit depending on the size and the prevailing environment. Take care to keep the breakables aside from those that don’t break easily such as wooden tools.

When remodeling your home, you can keep the items in the unit for a few weeks or months depending on your needs. Removing the clutter in the home ensures that the process takes a shorter time because there are no items to stand in your way. After the remodeling project, you can keep the tools such as the spray painters and the excess paint in the unit till the next job.

Final Thoughts

Self-storage units are made for temporary storage options – meaning from a few weeks to a few months, even a year depending on the situation at hand. Make sure you choose the right size for the task and add features that will keep your items safe.


4 Tax Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

4 Tax Myths

As it’ll come to taxes, myths are all abound. And it isn’t any surprise. Similar to the thought of coming up against a big bear or fearing your airplane soaring down inside the Bermuda Triangle, the concept of tangling with the Internal Revenue Service is a pretty frightening idea. It does not help that taxes are complex, which is going to make it difficult to sort out fact from fiction.

Therefore, if you have a desire to improve your filing experience for 2017, below are some tax myths that quite a few individuals will fall for, according to the tax professionals.

Your work clothing is tax-deductible

An accounting and tax professor with Widener University in Chester, PA, Theresa Shea, states that she has had a lot of clients who enter her place of business thinking that any kind of work clothes are deductible.

Shea says that some clothes are tax-deductible, while most aren’t. The only kind of clothes for which someone might take a deduction is clothes that specifically are required by an employer and aren’t appropriate to wear outside of the work place.

You may estimate your figures since you always can file an amended tax return later on

There’s some fact in that. You may file an amended tax return if you find out that you made an error on your taxes. Click here to learn more about filing an amended tax return:

However, relying too much on that strategy, and thinking that it is perfectly alright to guess because of the capability of amending, is a huge mistake, according to another tax expert.

Because within the technical sense, if you guess the numbers, realistically you, as a taxpayer filed a false return, a tax return you know is false, which technically is a crime.

Moreover, the likelihood that you actually will file an amendment later on is slim to none. Chances are, you will not remember.

According to experts, at least until an Internal Revenue Service examination gets triggered. If figures are missing, file it and inform the IRS that it has estimates, and be certain the actual correct tax return is filed.

Filing an extension provides additional time to pay

An extension provides you additional time to prepare the taxes; however, if you owe funds, and you file 6 months later, it’s pricier than paying in April, according to certified financial planner, Jordan Niefeld.

Niefeld was a tax Certified Public Accountant for 8 years and claims that most clients thought that if they filed a 6-month extension on taxes on October 15th rather than the standard April 15th, no foul, no harm, from a financial viewpoint. However, you’re hurting yourself, he adds.

You might file on October 15th, yet the clock on the interest began on April 15th. Extensions, in other words, are okay if you need that period to get your taxes collected, yet not as a method of saving money.

If there isn’t any record of the funds, it does not need to be reported. All of us wish that. However, no, that just isn’t the case.

Granted, if you discover $10 on the street, and you put it in your pocket, in reality, the IRS never will know, even though, technically you ought to report it. However, if you are making money, and you do not report it, that is a severe no-no.

Tax analyst Andrew Oswalt reports that this myth oftentimes trips people up who are earning cash on the side, perhaps by driving one time per week for a ride-sharing provider such as Uber.

Therefore, assuming you earned over $600 in any given gig, your employer is going to send you a Form 1099-MISC, and the funds on that form are going to be subjected to self-employment taxes. However, on the bright side, you might have the ability to deduct costs associated with the side gig.

Earning more money will bump you into higher tax bracket

Individuals close to getting to a new tax bracket all of a sudden may be concerned that because they are earning more money, they are going to be hit by more taxes than ever and they might even wonder if they’d have been better off not attaining that promotion or raise. Not so fast, according to Ben Sullivan, a certified financial planner.

Sullivan states one example which might provide more clarity. A married taxpayer who earns $500,000 of regular income might be within the highest tax bracket, which, in 2015, was 39.6%, yet only the part that exceeds $464,850 might be taxed at this rate. The first $464,850, in other words, still is taxed at a lower rate.

However, do yourself a favor and do not share that “problem” with friends who are within a lower tax bracket. You’ll be mocked.

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Furnish Your Office With the Best Chairs

Office is incomplete without property infrastructure. If you are planning to build your office then you should chalk out the different types of furniture to adorn your office. When it comes to buying the chairs, buyers usually get confused as there are plenty of options of chairs which are specifically for the office use. Common chairs used at home and other places are different from the office chairs as they are designed while keeping in mind that employee has to sit on it for long hours. They are designed to provide full comfort to the user so that their productivity is not hampered. Visit website here to find the best office chairs.


This type of chair is an ideal for those who are suffering from the back ache problem. It provides full support to the back and the neck. For the prolonged sitting it is available with the adjustable height, headrest, arm rest and wheels to enable you to maintain the right position while you sit on it.

Operator chair

Task chair or operator seats are the most common types of chairs found in most of the offices. It is the chair which helps in the carrying the task with more activeness. It does not have an arm rest for relaxing but its upright shape supports ergonomic posture for sitting for those who have to work for long hours on the computer. It offers support to the back with tilted backrest.

Executive models

It is basically designed to create a comfortable and relaxing work environment. It has a luxury appearance and helps in adding aesthetics to the office.  You can find these chairs upholstered in faux leather which is durable and easy to clean.

Mess office Chairs

This type of chair has the cushioned back and bottom and it is made up of mess. It makes the chair most breathable from back and bottom. It is good to use this chair in summers.

Conference chair

This type of chair is specifically designed to ensure that the person sitting on it pays full attention to the conference. This type of chair is designed to provide comfort but offers no mobility and height adjustment. The legs of the chair are bent at the back which does not allows the person to do any type of legwork.

Stacking Chairs

This type of chair is an excellent space saver as the chairs can be stacked over each other. It is a good option for the visitors to your office or for the business seminars.

Task Chairs

It is one of the most popular kinds of office chair which has the castor and wheel for allowing swirl and rotation. It features height adjustment level and is lined with foam to provide more comfort to the sitter.

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6 Tips On How To Keep Your Business Running

Have you ever noted that more than half of the startups collapse within their first five years of operation? It is sad to note that some of the new entrants in the market do not even take the time to analyze the trend and seal the loop holes. One of the main contributing factors for this trend is that some people get into the business world for all the wrong reasons. There are those who start a business focusing on the profits rather than evaluating how their venture will offer solutions. The following are practical tips to keep your business running and make profits.

Have a business plan

The business world is very dynamic, but you should have speculations into the foreseeable future. The biggest mistake that people make is the failure to see the big picture. Such people focus on what they want to achieve in a month’s time or in one year’s time. The business plan, on the other hand, takes into consideration both the short-term and long-term goals. The plan should state how you wish to raise funds, how the business will be administered and the marketing plans. You should also be able to evaluate how your business is performing against the speculations that you lay down. The business plan should be flexible enough to accommodate the dynamics of the business world.

Invest in assets

Leasing and hiring equipment for business use can be quite expensive. You can opt to hire some equipment when your business is still young, but as it grows, it is worth to buy. Think about the inconveniences that you are likely to experience when you depend on other people’s vehicle to deliver your wares. You have to stick to someone else’s schedule which affects your business adversely. The good thing is that you do not necessarily have to buy a new vehicle for your business. You can buy used Mini Buses and still enjoy the comfort of controlling your entire business process. The vehicle will be of great help for those who deal with physical products.

Be ready for change

Refusing to accept change is like digging an early grave for your business. A decade ago, Nokia was one of the biggest names in the mobile phone market. The management became so rigid and failed to adopt Android as their operating system, and before they knew it, they had a lost a big market share. You should be on the lookout for new trends and streamline your business to remain relevant. You can even change the line of business if you think the current one is not profitable enough. Embrace new technology that is likely to make the business process more efficient.

Invest in customer care 

If you want to be a darling of people and win the hearts of many customers, ensure that you provide accurate and timely feedback to all their queries. You can use social messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter Direct Message to communicate with your clients. If you are offline, you can leave an automated reply and respond to the queries later. You can have a FAQ section to deal with common questions or even use bots. Ensure that you respond to all emails and apologize in case you delay.

Value customer feedback

Satisfied customers can be one of the most effective marketing tools for your business. Successful businesses do not just launch products before they are sure that the products suit the target customers. You can test your products through your loyal customers and act on the feedback that they give. When a customer or client complaints about the quality of your customer service, act accordingly. The cost of recruiting a new customer is higher than retaining an existing one. Strive to have repeat customers by acting on their feedback. You can open a social media page for your business and create a community where customers can exchange ideas and let you know how you can improve service delivery.

Look for a mentor

The business world is full of obstacles and making it alone can be next to impossible. Having someone who can show you the way will make the journey worthwhile. The mentor does not necessarily have to be older than you, but he or she should be an expert in your field. You can always learn from the past mistakes that you mentor did and avoid them accordingly. You do not have to change your business entirely to suit the mentor’s description, but you should leave room for your judgment.

Starting a business may be simple but making it successful is the hard part. You always be alert on the current trends and demands that affect your business directly.

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ID Cards for Multi-Employee Businesses

ID (Identification) cards help in furthering businesses with multiple employees. It can help with organization and change work flow for the better.

For one, these ID cards lean towards quicker and more accurate processes. This means that beyond the fact that they give employees an identity as part of a team, they serve as badges that can automate data entry. Your employees can simply swipe these ID cards to input data on electronic devices, which prevents manual typographical errors and consumes less time.

So, if you are the head of operations of your own business, investing in these ID cards is advantageous. Your employees will appreciate them – and so will you.

Improved Productivity

Businesses consider their level of productivity highly important. The higher their level of productivity, the better.

These ID cards, in relation to the above-mentioned example that addresses quicker and more accurate processes, can contribute to the improvement of your business’ productivity by automating certain processes. Instead of consuming their time with entry-level processes (e.g. filling up paper-based forms, data entry on computers) to enter and verify their personal information, your employees can maximize time by shifting their focus on agenda that necessitate human participation (e.g. meetings, critical decision-making processes).

This is also a cost-effective measure for your business. ID cards can greatly reduce the amount of paper work required to accomplish the identification-related entry-level work of your employees.

Improved Customer Connections

Improved customer connections are another positive aspect to ID cards. Other than merely distributing ID cards, it is a great approach to require your employees to wear these employee badges every time – and especially when the need for a face-to-face exchange with a customer arises.

After all, customers are known to be more trustful in employees with ID cards. Compared to those without identification, employees with IDs can increase customer confidence. After all, customers can interact better (i.e. freely and straight-to-the-point) knowing that they are guaranteed to be speaking with an authorized professional.

Easy Monitoring of Entry (and Exit) Times

With ID cards, a business-owner can easily monitor the entry and exit times of employees, too! Due to the wonders of technology, you can specify a state-of-the-art design for these IDs. You can instruct that a chip should be embedded in these ID cards, and then use this chip to track your employees.

With this strategy, among the important information that you can determine are:


    • The location of your employees at certain times


    • The time your employees entered the workplace


    • The time your employees exited the workplace

This is an excellent alternative to manually keeping tabs on your employees’ whereabouts. Instead of actually checking up on your employees (by approaching them at their cubicles), you can effortlessly check the system to get such information.

Furthermore, this is also a common strategy used by top businesses to gauge employee performance. If employees are knowledgeable of the fact that their superiors can easily monitor them, they tend to commit better at work.

Compliance with Regulations

Distributing ID cards to your employees is also a good way to comply with legal requirements and industry regulations. Some regulatory boards, especially those that operate via federal and state laws, mandate businesses to use these cards for identity solutions.

Other than avoiding costly fines or risking your business’ on-going operations, your business can also receive a highly laudable reputation due to these ID cards. Once customers look at these cards and see that you are a regulated business, they will start to respect you and your employees better.

Improved Security

Additionally, ID cards can also help improve the existing security system of businesses. Since the security system of businesses can be designed to deny entry to those without ID cards, businesses can leverage the fact that only trustworthy employees can get inside their establishments. This is advantageous especially for certain businesses that can risk the safety of civilians without top-level security (e.g. merchants of firearms and explosives, service-providers of dangerous chemicals).

And, let’s say that an ID card was stolen for the purpose of being granted entry. Once an ID card has been reported as stolen, an intruder can be denied entry using that card. That, or he will be derailed by the need to undergo comprehensive security questioning.

Workforce Unity

To top it all off, ID cards grant a sense of belongingness to employees since these ID cards proudly display their names and titles (and other personal details). Giving these employee badges to them can elevate their morale, and can make them feel appreciated.

When one employee would search employee badges and see ID cards similar to his (but with different names) on other employees, that employee can recognize a sense of familiarity. He is then more likely to initiate social interaction with his fellows.

Thus, these ID cards can promote bonding amongst your employees. If they will take time to form bonds and develop mutual respect for one another, your employees can seamlessly work to attain a common goal.

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5 Tips For Designing a New Office Space

office space


Creating the perfect workspace can be a very difficult process. You need to be able to balance productivity and creativity. If a person focuses too much on productivity, things can quickly become dull and boring. If a person focuses too much on creativity, it can be difficult to focus. Having the perfect balance is important. Here are few things to consider when designing the ideal office space.

Color Combinations

Color choice may seem like a personal preference, but there is a reason why we see so many blue and yellow office spaces. Bright, happy colors can make people feel better when they come to work. Calming colors can make them feel more relaxed. If you are worried about being trendy, here are a few simple color combinations that never go out of style:

  •         Leaf green and chocolate brown
  •         Light blue and tan or sand
  •         Black, white, and a little bit of firetruck red
  •         Crème, with splashes of lime green, bright yellow, or orange
  •         Royal blue and white

Choosing the right color combination from the start can make the office come together quickly. If you are looking for something more unique to keep people’s attention, try selecting a really vibrant color and pairing it with a neutral tone. This can be a great way to create a one-of-a-kind office space!

Floor Plan Affects Productivity

When designing an office space, floor plans matter. Saving seconds each day by avoiding walking through other people’s work spaces or taking a long walk to the bathroom can add up over time. This is why so many modern businesses opt in to having an open floor plan. Open floor plans allow people to move quickly from one area to the next.

If your business deals with customers, consider having a meeting room close to the reception area. Then, keep the rest of the work area open. This allows you to create a pristine customer environment without affecting workflow.

Comfortable Office Furniture

Employees should feel comfortable while they work. While you need to ensure each employee has what they need to be productive, you should also select furniture that will keep them happy. This usually means springing for highly-functional desks and plush office seats. Even offices that are on a budget can find suitable options at affordable prices. It is amazing how many options we have when we are willing to do a little bit of research.


Keep Personal Offices Simple and Organized

The key to good organization is a simple layout. We’ve already discussed how open floor plans increase productivity, but you will also need to focus on personal space to maximize results. First, try to minimize the amount of items in the work space. Include a desk, file cabinet, computer, office chair, and one or two pieces of eye-catching décor. This creates a space that is distraction-free and easy to organize.

Encourage people to keep desks clear and well-maintained. Clutter can easily make people feel overwhelmed. Imagine the anxiety of having a huge stack of papers to sort through on your desk. Now imagine each file was put away, only to be pulled out when needed. This creates a calming workspace. Combined with a comfortable chair, a person’s desk can easily become inviting.


Did you know that the way a room smells can have a dramatic impact on the way we feel about it? No one wants to be welcomed with the smell of mildew in the morning. Instead of relying on open windows, invest in a few scent diffusers for the office and incorporate them into the interior design. Modern scent diffusers can be disguised as cute little desk ornaments, making them a fun addition to the workspace. Try a fun citrus scent to keep people feeling alert and awake. If the environment seems stressful, try switching to an uplifting peppermint or calming lavender scent!

There are several things to consider when creating the ideal office space. While focusing on layout and color scheme may seem obvious, other smaller factors like scent can affect overall productivity and mood. With the right combination, you can quickly transform your workplace into a comfortable, creative space.


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