Filing for a Dental Negligence Claim

Filing for a Dental Negligence Claim

Dental negligence can cause personal injuries. It can be a result of pure negligence or deliberate acts on the part of the team, which includes the dentist and the assistants. When a personal injury occurs as a consequence of negligence, you have a right to file a personal injury claim so that you get compensated by the party responsible for your injuries. Various circumstances can cause dental negligence.


The main aim of visiting a dentist’s office is to get an appropriate diagnosis of your problem. Proper diagnosis leads to the right prescription which in turn makes sure you get relief fast. Miserably, some of the diagnoses come out incorrect or get missed altogether.

Since the dentist is considered an expert in this field, you assume that he will ascertain, in the shortest time possible, the dental issue troubling you and solve it. When this expert misdiagnoses or misses a diagnosis, you suffer. You get subjected to painful, expensive and needless treatments. Furthermore, because the dentist isn’t addressing the underlying problem timely, you end up suffering further damage.

Poor Treatment

It is the dentist’s role to provide proper treatment timely. Failure to provide the right treatment the right time might lead to personal injury. This can cause extensive and costly treatment than necessary.


Another reason that causes dental negligence is a careless dental team. The dentist might correctly diagnose the problem and go ahead to provide the right treatment but act carelessly during the procedures leading to personal injury. For instance, if the dental team doesn’t perform the operation properly or if he handles the dental instruments carelessly, you might suffer injury.

Irrespective of the cause of the injury during a dental procedure, you might be compensated for the injuries resulting from the negligence.

Poor Standard of Care

Dentistry is a “tried-and-tested” field where things only go wrong if the dentist makes a mistake. With this said you have to establish that the dental team owed you a duty to take care of you the right way and didn’t do as expected. You ought to show that the dentist failed to exercise the professional standards that were set by the national and or local dentist board.

Working With a Dental Negligence Solicitor

Many people will try to insinuate that the process of establishing a claim for dental negligence is easier than general negligence, they are wrong. Dental surgery is still intricate similar to any area of medicine.

As such, your top priority following a dental procedure should be to consult The Medical Negligence Expertsto talk with a professional solicitor. The solicitor will review your case and decide whether you have a case or not. It is during this review process that the two of you get to know who is accountable for the underlying issue.

Who to Sue?

You determine who to sue during the first meeting with the solicitor. To do this, you need to know the health system in the country and determine who to hold responsible. Many dentists work for the public health facilities but run a private practice on the side. Before you can submit the claim for compensation, you need to understand in which capacity the dentist handled your issue.

If you saw the dentist in a private capacity, you might not be suing the dentist but the insurance company instead for compensation.

It’s Your Right to File a Claim – Go for It!

You might feel the claim for compensation is immaterial – after all life goes on. However, you need to know that the personal injuries you sustained might affect the rest of your life. Additionally, you will spend a lot just to remedy what the dentist and his team did incorrectly. Besides that, if you don’t take action, the next patient that sits in the dentist chair might have it worse than you.

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