Actionable Tips for your Digital Marketing Campaign

Lagging behind your online competitors isn’t the best of places to find yourself a business owner.  Sure, you aren’t a big company with wads of unlimited cash to spend on digital marketers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a one-man/woman army.

In short, the more you know, the easier it is to outperform your competition.   Here’s a collection of tidbits to help position your business for success.

Hone your Copywriting Skills

See, you will have to own a website for your business if you want to compete in the digital space. By extension, this implies that you have to upload compelling content to entice your visitors to take action. Indeed, you can hire an experienced writer to churn out the articles, but this can prove challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

On the flipside, however, you can start your career as a copywriter, and produce stellar posts for your website. That way, you can drive traffic to your site while increasing the rate of conversion without leaving a hole in your budget. You only need to keep perfecting your skills one day at a time.

Take it Slow

One of the biggest mistakes you’re likely to commit as a digital marketing rookie is to try to everything with little or no experience. You cannot set up fifteen social media accounts, start a PPC account, and embark on a tight blogging routine while hoping to get everything done correctly.

The crucial lesson you should learn as a newbie is that less is more. So, you should shift your focus to consistency. In other words, make it your number one aim to accomplish small things over time as opposed to striving to do it all at once.

And, once you’re consistent with your plans you will;

  • Build a loyal following
  • Build a loyal customer base that will turn into return buyers
  • Save money since you don’t have to depend too much on paid advertising

Establish your Presence on Social Media

In this day of Facebook and Instagram, you have to be on social media if you want to establish your brand’s presence. Do you know, for instance, that repeated studies show that up to 81% of American have a social media account? And that was way back in 2017!

Embrace Influencer Marketing

For starters, influencer marketing involves using prominent figures to target your ideal customer. For example, you can use a popular personality for marketing your cosmetic products, and so on. Why is this essential? Well, because it offers an opportunity to get as many referrals as possible.

It is essential to mention that when using this strategy, you should look for a person with the most popularity. Put differently, influencer marketing is all about having the number, and the candidate who has the most is without a doubt the best option.

Have an Email List

Yes, email lists are still powerful and you should have one. A research carried out by Hatchbuck established that people who purchase their merchandise via email tend to spend about 138% more.

QuickSprout, on the other hand, says that your email subscriber base is likely to grow three times more if you share your content on social media.

You may not know it, but very few businesses consider having an email list. Most of them think that they can still get the results they’re looking for by having a massive social media following.

Stick to the 80-20 Rule for Content

You 80-20 rules states that you achieve 80% of your success from 20% of your efforts. And, the logic is true in virtually any area, including your content. So be sure to diversify your material. You can opt for webinars, videos, infographics, blog posts, and more.

So, how do you ensure that you abide by the 80-20 rule? Well, 80% of your content should deliver value, while the remaining 20% focuses on promotions. Value in this context translates to unique, relevant, fresh, and timely information that solves your customer’s problem. Think of it as what you need to achieve the 20% success.

In conclusion, while these aren’t the only tactics you can use to start your digital marketing campaign on the right footing, they’re some of the most crucial. Others include perfecting your SEO game and using paid advertising.


Killer Instagram Growth Hacks From Experts

Are you finding it hard handling the new Instagram algorithm? You aren’t alone.

The rules for playing on Instagram has changed, and many brands are trying to come to terms with the new Instagram algorithm to get the best out of their engagement. However, there are a few tips that you can make use of to make sure you not only beat the algorithm, but you stay at the top of the Instagram news feed each day.

Change Your Follow/Unfollow Strategy

If you have been on Instagram for a while, you understand how the follow/unfollow strategy works. The bad thing is that the strategy you are used to doing work as well as it should anymore, and you need to switch it around a bit.

If you have been doing it randomly, it is time to get more focused and follow only relevant people. Take time to know what type of people add value to your account and go after them rather than following people blindly. You can get the right followers by identifying a few influencers and then looking at the people that are following them, and then follow them back.

Better still, you can use a growth service to automate your follow/unfollow cycle. You can change the settings so that they suit your needs, and make sure you use a certain hashtag to get the followers you need. Check out this Medium article to find out how following people works, and then choose the right service to do this.

Run Contests

One of the best ways to build a massive following is to run a contest so that you can drive more engagement. However, not all contests are suitable to grow your audience; there are those that matter and some that don’t matter at all. What you need to do in this case is to try and come up with a unique angle to the contest. Instagram users are used to so many contests each day, so yours needs to stand out to get something out of it.

Make sure the contest helps you get more users to the account or more likes to a post. The instructions in the contest ought to encourage the users to follow, link and tag a friend so that you come up with a giveaway loop. The bigger the loop, the higher the number of followers you are likely to get.

Join Groups

Telegram is one of the tools that many brands are using to get some more followers and likes. When you look at this messaging tool, you find that many groups are directed towards a certain niche. Join influencer groups on Instagram to get more powerlikes. A lot of influencers have come together to form the groups, and these groups are the ones that allow you to get as many likes as possible. You can find the groups on forums and blogs.

Make Yoru Followers Stay Longer on the Posts

The new Instagram algorithm requires that you enhance the duration of the engagement. If the audience views your posts for a while longer, then the posts are more likely to show up at the top of the feeds. Try to come up with content that requires your viewers to stay longer on the posts.

A great way to do this is to use calls to action, which require your audience to do something.

The Bottom-line

Growing your Instagram account requires a more tactical approach than before, especially due to the new algorithm that requires more from you than you used to offer. Take time to read through these tips to understand what you need to do.

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Instagram Automation Tools: What to Know

Today we look at Instagram automation tools, what they are, their features and the capability to help you grow your account. Without further ado, let us delve right into the fray.

What is Instagram Automation Tools?

These are tools designed to assist you to perform various tasks ranging from liking to commenting, to following other users without the use of manual effort.

These are the actions you perform on a daily basis, though they can take a lot of your time. With the help of these automation tools, all you need is to plug in your parameters such as specific hashtags and the tool does everything else for you.

One of the top tools of all time is Instagress; sadly, the tool was shut down. The good news is that you can get an alternative to this tool and work with it. This is why it is vital to know how to choose the best tool for your needs.


Liking represents the heart of the Instagram automation service. Liking is one of the aspects that determines the level of engagement you are getting from your users. The more likes you have, the more appealing you look to potential followers. This is why it is vital that you get a tool that can increase the number of likes over time without triggering the Instagram algorithm.


There are various reasons why users might decide to comment on your posts. The user can leave a comment in the form of a question, a response or just an appreciation. The user can even decide to greet or compliment you. If used correctly, comments can drive more people to your website.

However, the tools give you different commenting styles that you need to choose from. Make sure you choose a commenting style that works best for you.


This is akin to friendship on Facebook. If you have used Facebook before, you need to understand the concept of friending and unfriending users. In Instagram, it is called following. Users choose to follow or unfollow you depending on various factors.

When you follow someone, most of the people tend to follow you back. However, finding the right people to follow is a hassle, which is why you need a tool to help you to get the right people and follow them.

When you have many users following you, the chances are that you can attract more followers to your page. This is why you need the perfect tool to identify the people to follow or unfollow. Unfollowing is as a result of inactivity on the part of existing followers. It is easier to have a few quality followers rather than having followers that are inactive.

Targeting Users

Whether you are using hashtags or Direct Messaging, the way you target your users with the Automation tool is vital. Location is crucial to your targeting efforts. For instance, as a local business, you need to target users within the locality so that you drive customers and sales.

You can also target users according to the gender, industry and more. You can use hashtags for this task so that you achieve the perfect level of targeted engagement.

However, some tools don’t give you what you want such as Instazood, and they shouldn’t be used at all. Make sure you evaluate all the tools at your disposal and choose the best one for your needs.

In Closing

There you have it! Use these few tips to understand what you need regarding an automation tool. Once you have the tool, make sure the settings you use don’t trigger the Instagram Algorithm to ban your account. Remember, easy does it!


Steps to Setting Up an Online Business

If you are seeking for the right way to make money online, you need to make sure you know the right steps and what you need to be successful. Today we share the some of the lessons from top online marketers on how to build an online business.

It gets very easy to get distracted whenever you work from home. Remember, it is all about identifying your priorities and sticking to them. Let us look at these steps.

You First Need to Start

The first step towards starting an online business is to start it. This means you ought to come up with the idea. The idea should be all about making money from your hobby or from your passion. You also need to find a way to identify the source of the products that you are going to sell. This depends on the kind of business idea you have.

The idea you come up with should be workable. This means the idea ought to be something that will appeal to the audience and convince them to pay for. You also need to create a business plan. The plan that you come up with should also be flexible in case the business doesn’t go the way you expect. Having a business plan that is too tight will make the program fail.

Keep the Budget Lean

One thing you need to remember right from the beginning is to keep your expenses to the bare minimum. This should be the case till you start making profits. This step makes sure that you keep your expenses to the minimum while maximizing your profits. Remember, at the beginning of the business the amount of cash will be minimal, that is if you make any at all.

Market the Business

When starting the business, you need to market it. Without proper marketing, you will be running a business that your customers will not know about. This means you won’t make any money from your sales at all. Therefore, go out and let people know about the business and to know what you need to sale. You can use word of mouth or use a social network to spread the word.

Put In effort

When running your home business, keep in mind that it is a business just like any other. Just because you are running the business from a room in your home doesn’t mean that you should just lounge on the couch all day and think you are making money. Remember that your business represents your income, and in order to make the money you want, you need to work, even if you are the founder of the business.

Set Up Office

After you come up with the idea, you need to set up an office that you will use to handle your tasks. You need to keep in mind that this office is a workplace and not somewhere to run your personal affairs. Come up with working hours and stick to them. You need to focus on your job tasks during the working hours for the venture to be successful. You need to set up the office in a spot that has fewer distractions from family and friend.

One of the common areas that you can set up an office in your garage. Garages are usually set aside from the main house and will offer a cool, spacious place for you to create an office.

Get Licensed

When it comes to running an online business, you need to have the right licenses. Most people think that running a business from home doesn’t require the right licensing. Make sure you take time to know what kind of licenses you need for the business and contact the right authorities to acquire the paperwork.

Go Online

One of the best ways to grow and expand your business is to create an online platform to sell your products and services. Make sure you come up with a professional website that will make it easy for customers to get to the products. Visit Thinkbound to get a website that will help you get more buyers and sell your products faster.

In Closing

Make sure you follow the right steps to sell your products online. With the right kind of preparation, you stand to make money online.


Business Marketing with Instagram

Business Marketing with Instagram

People who market on Instagram are usually busy. They’re often more interested in growing their business than spending time crafting online strategies. Unfortunately, online marketing isn’t simply a plug and play task. Or is it?

The value of marketing online

If you have a quality product and want eyes on it there are a multitude of ways to go about getting people’s attention. All the usual physical methods work just fine, but they’re often limited to and by your surroundings and time. Face to face contact is important, but as you grow it can become inefficient.

This is where online marketing comes in. There are two main reasons you would want to market online: you can attract attention for your project or product in a far greater area than with physical advertising and your online ads don’t take breaks.

Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would consistently be working, day and night, to get eyes on whatever it is that you want people to see. This is powerful and can drastically increase your reach. This of course results in more views and possibly more conversions.

Instagram in particular as a marketing tool of choice

While there are obvious merits to platforms like Facebook, Instagram is a particularly high performing choice for your investment in time and money.

For you, this means that as long as you have quality content you can attract followers. So, it simply becomes a matter of figuring out what people in your niche may want to see and creating quality content. The question then becomes: what is quality content and what makes a good Instagram account?

What makes for quality content

Many people struggle with what to upload to their account. Admittedly, it is difficult to be original and informative on social media. It seems like everyone is doing the same thing. The trick is to take photos that convey the feeling you want your project, product or company.

This sounds vague but, bear with me. If you sell denim you should absolutely snap the occasional shop of your product or people crafting your jeans, but what you really want to capture is the vibe your jeans should put out. Who will wear your product? How should they feel when they wear it. That is what you want to snap and upload.

Once you have your images down it’s as simple as hashtagging for exposure, tagging the appropriate people in your niche and writing an inspiring caption. If you aren’t much for words talk to a poetic friend or coworker. Now you just have to network.

Networking and the social part of media

This part is difficult for many. The truth is that reaching a massive following can take years if you aren’t already an influencer. The process goes as following: follow the right people, hashtag properly for exposure, collaborate and tag the right people and hopefully someone notices how awesome you are and tags you.

You’re doing this all while making sure you upload quality content and working on your business. This grind isn’t for everyone. There is something to be said about those that do it “right”, but everyone doesn’t want to put in the time. There’s an option for those people.

Bots and automating the social aspect

Instagram botting isn’t new. Chances are that a few of your favorite accounts do it and you’ve never noticed. The concept is simple. The bot does all the liking, following, unfollowing and commenting for you.

These actions drive authentic engagement with your account and all you have to do is hashtag your content to tell the bot where to go. There are good Instagram bots, bad bots, and out of commision bots. If you choose to use them just don’t tell anyone.

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