Planning a Themed Wedding

There are so many themes you can choose from for your wedding, right from a traditional wedding theme to something more unorthodox like a Spiderman themed wedding. Well, you don’t have to go so far, but a theme for your wedding makes it much more fun and memorable.

There is no limit to the kind of ideas that you can explore while there are so many others that you can explore. The theme might carry a significance for the bride and groom, or be based on a hobby that the couple shares. You can as well go back in time, where people rode on horses and knights ruled the lands.

The possibilities are endless, all you need is to be creative so that you come up with the right theme that will not only create the best memories but will also impress your guests. To rock the wedding, you need to make sure you check out all aspects of a themed wedding.


To communicate with friends and family about the wedding, you need to be a bit creative. Specific colors are ideal for some themes. For instance, if you choose to go for a traditional wedding, you can go for beige parchment paper with the message handwritten.

You can then roll up the card and seal it up with a golden seal.


Depending on the theme, the food might range from entrees to banquet-style arrangements that correspond to the main idea. You can talk to your chef for the day to suggest a few specialties that will match the theme. Without the right kind of food to match the theme, you stand to spoil the fun.

Dress Code

Themed weddings permit you and your guests to showcase your creativity when it comes to the dressing code. You can use golden laced gowns to mimic the feel of a royal Egyptian wedding, or go for medieval dresses to compliment a traditional wedding. A Japanese inspired wedding will be complete with brightly decorated kimonos.

The dress code you choose should still fit well and be well designed. Talk to your designer to give you a few ideas on what options you have to help you make the day complete.

The Transport

It takes more than just a car to get you to the wedding venue and then to your hotel room later on. At first glance, anyone can know what kind of wedding theme you choose. If you have a horse-drawn carriage, someone will just know that you are having a traditional wedding theme. You can also go for vintage cars for more effect.

The Music

You can set the mood of the wedding using the music. Depending on the theme you choose, you also need to take time and decide on the kind of music you need for the day. A traditional wedding theme will look strange with the latest hip hop music. Make sure you match the music with the theme to set the perfect mood.

Special Touches

Having a themed wedding allows you to live out your fantasies for the day. You can decide to arrive on horseback and then leave in a horse-drawn carriage. You can also allow your guests to come to the wedding in their favorite costumes for a Halloween-themed wedding.

A Christmas-themed wedding can have a winter wonderland theme complete with visions of snow and silver. Wedding on Valentine’s Day comes with a world of possibilities, allowing you to play with red colors in different shades.


You lay out the atmosphere of the wedding using the decorations. If you are going for an Asian-inspired wedding, then tea lanterns can complete the look. You can also incorporate paper dragons in different colors floating from the ceiling.

Table decorations are also amust. You need to have a centerpiece that also compliments the theme. You also need linen for the tables. The linen should be in the overall theme color that you choose. After you decide on the color theme, you can check out a few linen types from

Balloons are an essential decoration piece for any wedding. They can be used to convey a specific message to the guests and add some color to the event. Choose the colors of the wedding according to the chosen theme.

In Closing

Planning a themed wedding requires you to consider several aspects so that you have a complete and memorable experience. Take time to consider the venue, the decorations, the music, dressing code and special touched. You need to work with a planner who has experience handling similar weddings.


The Ins & Outs of Venture Capital

Venture Capital

When it comes to investing in companies, one of the biggest and hottest investments right now that people are making are in venture capital. Venture capital has become more and more in the spotlight because of new shows like “Shark Tank’ that showcases exactly how it works. Each episode several entrepreneurs that come from small-scale companies to large companies come to the Shark Tank to pitch their idea and or company to the sharks.

They give their background, what product or service their company provides, revenue, how much they want in exchange for equity in the company, and much more. Then the sharks fight each other to get the deal. This TV show is pretty accurate on how venture capital works, but completely accurate. With venture capital spreading around the world, it has helped many people gain money for their business that a bank would not have given them. This has allowed a lot of ideas to be funded.

Many financial and tech hubs are turning to venture capitalism instead of traditional banking loans because of high interest and banks become much more strict on who they give money too. One such city is New York City. After the 2008 financial crisis banks became much more strict with their money even after federal reserve banks around the world started slashing interest rates to historic lows.

With a void in the financing of capital to business, someone had to step in and provide this demand for capital. Venture capital really took off in this era. Another hub that is embracing venture capitalism is Singapore. Venture capital in Singapore has never been higher. This new wave of cash has transformed Singapore into a worldwide center of business and finance. Many people have become rich because of this new wave of money that would not be otherwise.

There are normally two types of venture capitalist. People with a lot of money that individually selects companies to invest in, or big venture capital firms that collect equity in companies. Note that holding companies and venture capital firms are different because holding companies normally hold other companies in stock and does not invest directly in their capital. Venture capital has also sprung up fast in the real estate industry because of how easy it is to invest in land and buildings.

Big real estate companies have turned to venture capital to finance their projects. People may assume that only rich people invest in venture capitalism but that is not the case. Many smaller investors are starting to pool together their money to invest in companies via venture capitalism. This has allowed even the small time invested to make a big profit if a company does really well. With venture capitalism, there is always a chance to become rich.

One thing investors need to know about venture capitalism is that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Most businesses fail after they are created. That is why in big firms analysts are typically hired to look at the books of businesses to make sure that they are legitimate and that they have a chance to make a big profit.

With government regulation becoming less and less it is a good time to look into investing this way to make some profit. Before venture capitalism the only person lending out money on a big scale for business was banks. Now that venture capitalism really taking off instead of interest being charged it is equity being charged. In the future people will rely less on banks and more on venture capital to fund their business. But instead of business being funded by venture capitalism, it is often their dreams being funded.

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