If there is one moment that freaks many people who are madly in love is a proposal. Asking your partner to become your marriage partner is a big step, and sometimes you are not sure if you will get a yes or no answer. However, waiting for so long may make your partner’s interest in you to fade away with time. You may have browsed through the most amazing collection ever of diamond rings and picked the best for your lady, and you are now waiting for the moment so that you can propose. The following are some fresh proposal ideas that you can try today

Take her down the memory lane

You may have some good memories that you can use to set the right mood for your proposal. We have so many things that can record such memories in this digital age. For instance, you can have photos or videos that show your journey together. Share this album that will create a nostalgic feeling, and she will remember why you fell in love in the first place. Share stories on the different captions and relive the moments. You can then go down on your knee and propose and promise to have more beautiful moments together.

Concert proposal

If you have been dating for long, the chances are high that you have the same hobbies. You may have the same taste for music and other performing arts. A proposal in public might be scary because you do not know if she will accept it or not. However, you can learn how she feels about you through interactions that you make daily. You can talk to the organizers of the concert to let you propose but ensure that you keep it a secret from your girl. Wait for the perfect moment like when her favorite song is playing and pop up your question.

Prepare some literature work

You can creatively pass your message if you are one of those persons who can play with words. Think of a poem and express your feelings by pouring your heart in it. The poem does not need to be very long but direct to the point. Take her down the memory lane and also draw your future in the piece of literature. You can also create a short story and let her know how important she is to you. Let her read the poem or short story in your presence and see her reaction.


You can take your lady out for dinner and pop the question. You can reserve a table where the two of you will sit. You can even come with friends or close family members to witness your commitment to the relationship. Make sure that you inform your friends of your intentions to propose but keep it a secret from your lady. You can also inform the management of the restaurant or keep it a secret from them. Act normally and keep things cool until you are ready to go down on your knee.

Help from friends

You can let people that are close to you to help you propose as they will always be an integral part of your life. You can invite such people over to your house or even go out with them. Think of a road trip or even a walk in the park. When you are out there having fun, your friends will flaunt placards requesting your girl for a hand in marriage while you go down on your knee. Such friends will even cheer her up during this moment and show that they will always be there for you as a couple.

Go for a photo shoot

If you are a couple that loves photos, then attending a photo shoot can be the best idea to try. Carry several outfits to ensure that you make the best out of this session. Hire a professional photographer if you want photos that will bring the best out of you. There are many places where you can go for photo shoot sessions depending on your budget and taste. There are also some public parks that you can use for your photo shoot for free. You can also involve close people in your circles in the session to make it more beautiful. Make the photographer know of your intentions in advance to prepare him or her mentally. Keep calm during the session until the moment you make it happen.

Proposing to your girlfriend does not have to be hard if you follow the above tips. It may be a tense moment but ensure that you prepare yourself if you want to become a family man. Just ensure that you are doing the right thing and not out of peer pressure because marriage is a commitment. Have fun while doing it and enjoy the rest of your married life together.

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