If you have been on Instagram for even a day, you know what a hashtag is. If you are just starting out, the hashtag is the word after the # sign. It is vital in your marketing efforts because it helps you know what is trending and users also use it to find what you post. It is similar to a keyword in search engines. Brands use a single word or a group of words for this task.

So, how do you use hashtags in your marketing efforts on Instagram?

Brand-Specific Hashtags

These are the tags that you come up with for your business. You use them to market the company and in promotions. The tag has to be unique to your brand for it to work out. Once you create the tag, make people use them so that they help market your brand as well.

You can use your brand name, or a tagline that users know about your business. Take care that you don’t share the tag with other people because you might end up marketing someone else’s products or services.

Take time to search for the tag on all social media platforms so that you make sure you aren’t sharing it. If the name is common, go for a different one.

You also need to keep it short, easy and memorable. You want something that users can spell and remember quickly.

Campaign Hashtag

For a campaign hashtag, use the name of a contest or promotion that you are running. Still the same to brand tags undertake research to find out if the tag is common before you can use it. If it is popular, choose a different one.

Your campaign tags offer a method for your customers to engage throughout the promotion. For instance, you can tell your users to include the tag in their engagements in order to enter a contest.

Trending Hashtags

These are the tags that are already in use and all you have to do is to find them and use them. However, you need to be quick because trending tags come and go within minutes. The moment you see a hashtag that is trending and that relates to your business, engage it immediately, don’t wait for it to fade away.

Hint: you shouldn’t spam the trending hashtags; otherwise you risk a penalty from Instagram. You have a limit of 30 tags, use them wisely.

How Can You Use Trending Tags?

Using tags the right way can be tough especially when you do it manually. What you need to do is to use automation to give you the results you need. Instagress.com was a hit back then, but since it’s shut down users have found the going hard trying to get something they could use. The Income Artist website provides sign-up-and-use websites that give you viable alternatives. With these tools, all you need is to input the hashtags and let the site do the rest.

In Closing

Hashtags need to be your friends. Know the different kinds of hashtags and how to use them in your marketing efforts.

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