If you have been keen on the trends that are dominating the digital marketing space, then you already know that social media is a force to reckon. Even though there are more than 20 social platforms, there are those that are quite famous, and Instagram happens to be among the best.

Using it as a marketing tool can be one of the best decisions that you make. But, there is a problem when it comes to balancing your social media management time and managing your business. Automating some of the Instagram functions is the answer to some of your woes. However, there are many bots,andit can get confusing about deciding on which is the best. Below are some of the factors to consider when selecting one

Your needs

All the bots that you find out there are not made equal. There are some that will help you increase follower-base, others are good for likes while others can schedule your posts. You have to analyze what you need if you want to land at the best automation tool. There are some that will go a step further and generate reports that will determine if you are on the right track or not. If you find one that combines various functions, you can pick it instead of using a combination of them.


Checking what other people have to say about the service you want to will help you make an informed decision. You should not treat everything you see on the website as the gospel truth because of some of the service providers do not deliver up to your expectations. Do some basic research and check the reviews and ensure that they are not fabricated. Expert reviews are the best as they give unbiased opinions based on experience. Luckily we have compiled some of the best reviews,andyou can check out this website and choose one that fits your needs.

Your budget

The tool that you choose should conform to your budget. It will not make sense when you spend money promoting your products,and you do not get any returns. An expensive service does not mean that it is the best. Also, cheap does not mean that it is necessarily crap. What matters is what the service provider brings to the table. The ideal package should have a clear pricing plan with no hidden charges. Such a platform should also assure that your data is safe from 3rd parties.


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