Getting out the juice from different fruits can be done with the help of several devices, but only a slow juicer can provide both smooth juice and fruit pulp. Slow juicers are one of the best types of blenders because the secret of making good juice is to squeeze and crush the fruit to filter out the pulp instead of shredding it like most devices do. So if you choose a slow juicer, you will not only enjoy a thick beverage, but will also benefit from more nutrients and fibers.

Why should you choose a slow juicer?                                                        

Fagor-Slow-Juicer-1344671554Even though it is called a slow juicer, it doesn’t mean it takes a long time to make juice; in fact, it spins slowly to extract the maximum amount of juice from any type of fruit. It works mostly with soft fruits, but it can also handle leafy greens and even harder fruits like apples. The process is just as quick as it would be with any other juicer, but the result is thicker and richer. Moreover, you can combine different types of fruits and vegetables or any other ingredients to obtain special juices and even soup.

hurom-slow-juicerIf you are interested in a modern look to match the décor of your stylish kitchen, choose a slow juicer with an upright design. Apart from looking great on your counter, it will also fit easily in narrow spaces. Most slow juicers come with accessories such as juicing jugs, a bowl for the pulp and cleaning items such as small brushes to clean the filters. However, slow juicers are safe and easy to use despite their complex and rather sophisticated look. Most devices have a safe start system which prevents the appliance from starting until all parts are locked in. Moreover, there is no chance of overloading the juicer due to its automatic stopping function that won’t allow it to start until complete cool off. They are also silent so that each member of your family can enjoy their glass of juice no matter the hour. Cleaning is simple as well, since this type of blender doesn’t require disassembly. All you have to do is use the provided cleaning brush and flush it out after each use.

Slow JuicersThe main difference between these and other types of blenders is that slow juicers provide a much dryer pulp, so that every drop of juice is extracted and dripped into your glass. You can find out more about different types of blenders and how they work by checking out the reviews and articles. By choosing the right juicer you’ll also get to save money as you won’t need too many fruits to get the amount of juice you wanted. Another important aspect is that the finite product doesn’t oxidize (oxidized juice is worthless).

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