Planning a Wedding

You had a beautiful engagement party, the person you love is ready to be with you forever, and you’re about plan an event with all of your closest friends and family. An engagement is one thing, but a wedding is a different game. You may be wondering where to even start, but don’t worry.

Whether you’re a bride, groom, or a trusted friend or family member, everything becomes easier once you know what pieces make up a well-planned wedding. Here’s a list of some of the important aspects to handle so that your wedding can go off flawlessly.


The first thing you’ll want to settle on is your florist and photographer. It goes without saying that a wedding needs flowers. Floral arrangements, bouquets, decorative flowers, the sheer number of petals you’ll need for your ceremony is inestimable, so you’ll want to secure a good florist early on.

All those flowers can get fairly expensive, so make sure that you talk with your florist about how you can cut costs. Even just changing the types of flowers you use can save you a surprising sum of money once you calculate it out.


Most photographers get booked far in advance. This means that if you want to secure a great photographer for your special day, you’ll have to be well prepared. It’s best to meet with a few different photographers. Ask to look through sample wedding albums. Remember, if you don’t like how someone else’s wedding photos turned out, its reasonable to assume you won’t like how yours will turn out with that photographer. For an example of great wedding photography work, as well as a beautiful venue, check out

Once you find a photographer who’s work you like, reserve them for the date of your wedding asap. Once they’re booked, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

If you’re nervous about how much a professional photographer costs, consider asking a friend or family member who you know has taken great pictures. Weddings aren’t cheap, but there’s plenty of small ways to cut costs that can add up to quite a bit of savings.

The Dress

This is one of the most fun parts, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Just like with the flowers and photos, it’s imperative that you purchase your wedding gown well in advance. it can take up to 4-6 months just to have your dress shipped to you, and after that you may still need to make further alterations to the dress.

The tradition is for the bride to take her bridesmaids with her as she searches for the perfect dress. Remember that this is the dress you’ll be looking back upon for years to come. Focus on three things: comfort, style, cost.

If you don’t like how your dress looks, you won’t like how you look. Take your time and pick the dress that really feels right for you, your budget, and the types of activities you’ll have at your wedding. You don’t want to be worrying about clothing malfunctions while you’re having your special dance.

Booking a Venue

Booking a venue is one of the most crucial steps in planning a wedding. Theres three things to think about as you choose a venue: Accessibility, Aesthetic, and Facilities.

Accessibility means you’ll want to ensure that all your guests will be able to get to your venue, furthermore you’ll need to plan for lodgings for all these guests. If it’s too expensive to even attend your wedding, some of your guests simply won’t be able to attend.

If your dream wedding takes place on an idyllic ranch nestled in-between luscious green rolling hills, you’re simply never going to be satisfied with a wedding that takes place in the city. You only get married once (more or less) so don’t settle for an aesthetic you don’t want. You’ll remember this forever, make those memories wonderful.

The facilities at the venue will dictate how people act during the wedding. If there’s a large dance floor you can’t expect your guests to stay at their tables drinking and talking all night. If you hire a string orchestra, the atmosphere will be far different than if you hire a DJ. Think of how you imagine your guests behaving and determine what facilities are a priority to you from that.

Keep Going, You’re Almost There!

Planning your wedding in advance is always easier than setting all this up at the last second. Remember, the sooner you start booking services and a venue, the less you’ll have to stress. Weddings are not easy to set up, so focus on handling the things that worry you and just keep moving. It may get overwhelming, but as long as you plan ahead and set clear goals, your special day will be full of amazing memories.

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