Scotland is a passionate, friendly and innovative country which easily blends modernity with tradition. If you’re looking for adrenaline boosting outdoor adventure, to enjoy the beautiful countrysides, to groove to the beat of a music festival or want to discover the magic of V&A Dundee, then Scotland welcomes you.

An exciting world of science, history, arts, and culture awaits you in this beautiful country. Whatever your budget you can find cozy places to stay here. However, if you want to enjoy a perfect Scottish break, it would be wise to book a travel agent.

Best Airports in Scotland

Edinburg Airport

Located in the city of Edinburg it is one of the busiest airports in the country. It has won several awards notably the Best European Airport Award. Its located in an easily accessible site which makes it convenient for all modes of transport. The airport has thousands of parking spaces, and train and bus stations are nearby making it ideal for anyone to reach the terminal doors with ease.

Being customer friendly the airport has launched a food ordering service for people with reduced mobility. Plus it has taken the valet parking to the next level by using space more efficiently. Edinburg Airport has become the first one to bag the Autism friendly status among all the airports in Scotland.

Glasgow Airport

Handling around seven million passengers each year Glasgow is undoubtedly one of the busiest airports in Scotland. It is a major long haul airport with flight services to over 120 destinations worldwide including the US, Canada, Europe, Gulf, and the Caribbean.

The airport is well served with public transport and has access to Glasgow City and interior parts of Scotland. It is the only airport in the country to have direct motorway access.

Dedicated workspaces for travelers and a wide range of childcare facilities as well as children playing areas make it one of the most customer-friendly airports in the country.

Airport Transfers in Scotland

Airport transfers help you to pre-arrange your transportation from the airport to your final destination. Prebooking through a booking service, travel agent or tour operator makes this service convenient. Various benefits of airport transfers include convenience, security, flexibility, no extra cost and above all no tiresome paperwork.

Airport transfers in Scotland occur to and from all major airports. There are to and from transfers from Edinburg airport, Glasgow airport, Dundee airport, Aberdeen airport Newcastle airport and Prestwick airport. Business or for pleasure these services are very professional. The vehicles have the latest navigation systems and onboard credit card facilities.

Must Do Things in Scotland

Think Scotland, and you’ll conjure up images blaring bagpipes, magnificent scenery, Loch Ness Monster, tartan kilted Highlanders, and ghostly castles. All these together make the fabric of Scotland that’s so unique.

Golf Trips

Being the birthplace of golf, and with a legacy that spans six centuries, there is no better place on earth to play a round of golf than Scotland. With over 550 courses to play, you’ll be spoilt for choice on your golf break to Scotland. The country is blessed with link courses, heathland courses, parkland land courses and everything in-between.

Scotland hosts some of the world’s prestigious tournaments such as the Ricoh Women’s British Open, and The Open Championship among many others. A golf trip to this beautiful country will give you a perfect opportunity to see one of these prestigious tournaments.

Fishing Trips

Fishing is a sport that combines peaceful surroundings, a few thills and a chance for contemplation. Scotland is one of the world’s top destinations for freshwater fishing and sea angling. You’ll find varieties of fish while fishing in the hundreds of rivers and secluded island lochs- the most picturesque places of the country.

Whatever your level of ability you’ll find many companies that offer lessons for beginners. If you prefer sea fishing, you’ll find many quality charters that will take along the rugged coastlines in search of your next big catch. There are many species offshore, but cod, skate, and beagle shark fishing are popular with visitors and locals alike.

Loch Lomond

The National park boasts of some stunning scenery in the world. From the vast tranquil beauty of the Lochs to the breathtaking mountains you’ll be amazed by the sheer grandeur of Mother Nature.
Loch Lomond contains a wide natural diversity that includes 21 Scottish mountains, over 50 specially designated conservation sites, two forest parks, and 22 lochs.

You can go cruising on the lake in the historic steamship, spend your time visiting small villages, rent a canoe, or go hiking or biking. Also, you can pay homage to Rob Ray’s gravestone or have fun at the Aerial adventure park.

Loch Ness – Highlands & Walking

Walking is one of the most significant ways to explore the beautiful countryside, natural landscape, and wildlife of Scotland. From strolling along the shores of the vast lochs to hiking up the mountains, you won’t be disappointed with the magnificent views and the beautiful scenery of the Loch Ness.

Scotland enjoys all four seasons in one day. So layer up, put on your hiking boots, pile up some waterproofs, grab your camera and get ready to see some of Scotland’s most beautiful places. You can take guided walks through the Highlands, or enjoy hill walking with friends and family.

Whatever be the case you’ll come back with beautiful memories, warmth, and hospitality of the Scotlanders and above all the spellbinding grandeur of Mother Nature.

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