There are many people who have misaligned jaws and teeth. Though it is not any medical problem, it is embarrassing and also hinders with the beauty of the face. Misaligned teeth are also responsible for the frequent cuts that one might have while eating. If you are the one facing the same problem then do not panic as there are treatments that can help you to have straight and aligned teeth.

Visit the orthodontist

orthodontistIn order to get your teeth aligned properly your first step should be to visit the orthodontist but while visiting the orthodontist you must be known that you will end up having the braces. Thus, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with the various types of braces available and their features and utility so that when your orthodontist asks, you may be sure about what you want.

With the advancement in technology, Brooklyn Braces have also come a long way.

Metal bracesMetal braces – these braces are made up of stainless steel and are very clearly visible. But the bright side of them is that they are quiet inexpensive which makes them the popular choice of the people. The worst part of these braces is that they pose the problem in the starting and till the time you wear them you will have to be cautious about the food you are eating.

Ceramic bracesCeramic braces – the best part of these braces is that they are not visible as they blend with the teeth but on the contrary they are expensive than the metal braces. These braces take time for installation and in addition they also need more maintenance.

Lingual braces – if you want completely invisible braces then the lingual braces offer you Lingual bracesthe best as they are installed behind the teeth which make them completely invisible to others. But the cost of having these braces is more than the above two as the process of installation is quiet a complex one. Another important thing to know is that they are not good for small teeth.

Invisible bracesInvisible braces – as the name states they are completely invisible but are the most expensive ones. On the contrary, the best part of these braces is that they do not require a frequent visit to the doctor.

Immaterial of the type of braces you go for, the result will be similar that is improved appearance and aligned teeth. The only effect the different types of braces will have is the cost and the convenience of wearing them. If you are of the opinion that it is a short term process then you are wrong as you will have to wear these braces for a period of one to three years. And once your braces are out you will have to wear the retainers for a certain period of time, so as to stop the natural shifting of the teeth.

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