As spring is rapidly approaching, now is the time to look through your garden equipment and power tools. See what tools, if any, you need to replace. Then look at any tools you don’t have already so you can buy them ready for spring.

Power tools can drastically reduce the work required in your garden and you can get almost anything as a power tool. This is our list of power tools that will make your life easier.

Hedge Trimmer.

Obviously, you can cut a hedge with shears or clippers. But as someone who spent their formative years cutting hedges, invest in a hedge trimmer. Or end up with a lifelong aversion to hedges like I have.

You can get some very good electric hedge trimmers, but I would stick with a petrol or battery-powered hedge trimmer. Depending on you and your hedge, consider:

  • It’s reach. If you have very tall hedges you will need one with a longer reach.
  • The weight. Don’t get one that is too heavy if you are not going to be able to handle it. This is often a drawback with a battery-powered hedge trimmer.
  • Adjustable cutting head.
  • Adjustable speed.

You should only be cutting the new growth with a hedge trimmer. Do not cut the older thick stems with it. Use a hedge cutter for this, which is normally larger and more powerful.


If you have trees and thick bushes and hedges, then a chainsaw is a great option. This is one power tool that is significantly quicker than manual methods. As with the hedge trimmer, a chainsaw is available in petrol, electric or battery-powered models.As a chainsaw is such a specialist piece of equipment I would advise you to do your research carefully.

If you are looking for tips and reviews of the best models then go to the Chain Cuttingwebsite and read their guides to chainsaws and the important safety tips.


Again, if you have trees or bushes a shredder is invaluable. Modern shredders are not quite as noisy as they used to and you can now buy many distinctive styles of shredder.

Some have removeable chutes that can be stored in the shredder, if storage space is at a premium. Others can squash the shredded bits into logs. Think of the features that you will need and do your research to find the right one for your requirements.

Grass Trimmer.

If you have a lawn, a grass trimmer is a useful power tool to buy. Yes, you could do it by hand, but most people cut their lawns every fortnight, in the summer, so this can be a great time saver. Not only will it trim and tidy your edges, but will also deal with the rough areas of grass in your garden. These come in a choice of electric, petrol or battery-powered and all have really good features. This is another tool where you need to check the weight. Although it comes with a carrying strap, they can get heavy very quickly. Decide whether you need a nylon cutter or the more heavy-duty steel cutter.

Raker and Scarifier.

A two in one raker and scarifier will give you a pristine lawn. This is especially useful if you have a large lawn. Although you normally only need to scarify your lawn twice a year, it can be quite time consuming with a large lawn. Plus, you get the bonus of the power raking. Grass and moss will be removed from your lawn in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually.

Leaf Blower.

Leaves will not only make your lawns and borders look unsightly, but they will also suffocate anything that is trying to grow. Plus, they can be slippery and dangerous on your drive. A leaf blower or vacuum might be a worthwhile investment if you are plagued by leaves. You also get the bonus of your easily collected leaves being simple to bag to produce leaf mould, a great asset to any garden. Do your research here as some blowers will not only blow or vacuum up your leaves but also shred them. Just be careful and check out the battery time as some models have a remarkable short battery duration.Also, be aware that these can be very heavy pieces of equipment especially petrol blowers.


This may sound too much of a gadget, but you can also buy power multi-tools. Rather than buying a lot of separate tools, you can now buy the base unit and purchase the required attachments individually. These normally come in electric, petrol or battery-powered units. Be aware of the number of attachments you can buy before you select the unit you want. Some ranges have as few as three attachments while others have 11 different tools. You will probably find that the unit and attachments are pricey so it may not be a money saving idea, but you will save on space. Also, be mindful of the fact that if the main unit stops working or breaks, then you are left with no tools.

To keep on top of your garden, without breaking your back, ensure you buy the right tool. However, don’t buy something that you will only use once a year. Keep your budget for tools you will use regularly and buy the best you can afford. Remember to buy the safety gear that is required. Always wear safety glasses, gloves and sturdy boots.

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