Transhumanism & Human Paragon

A couple of days ago I ran into the site Human Paragon while I was reading up a bit about nano-technology, it doesn’t take a whole lot to understand nano technology unless you go into the deeper science of things but then I saw something about transhumanism and well, I don’t know what to say as that’s the first time I ever heard that word.

It does sound interesting though and the site itself definitely spoke to my imagination so I figured this is a site worth reviewing so here we are. I will cover each section of the site in short so that you know what to expect and then you can head over there yourself to enjoy a few hours of reading pleasure as they put a lot of effort into it.

Transhumanism in short

Is a philosophy about what it means to be human, well, although that’s a very short sentence it definitely provides some food for thought and dumb as I am perhaps I truly don’t know what to think about this.

What does it mean to be human? In my opinion it’s almost like a video game with tons of ups and downs while for others it appears to be a smooth sailing fare to elderdom with a few close friends, going to work, and dieing at some point.

At Human Paragon however they go a lot deeper into this stuff, borderlining religion, cults, futuristic aspects, and what not. To be more precise they talk about the universe and our biology, taking it a step further towards telekinetics and not wanting to die at all.

There’s even some talk about no need for a body and virtually transforming into robots to accomplish that and I just can’t stop thinking about robocop right now. Altogether it’s a pretty far from your bed show but luckily they also have a lot of lighter and more realistic topics to cover.

Computer Technology

This section mostly covers artificial intelligence, diving into the differences between strong and weak AI algorithms, and if that’s to basic for you how about an article about scanning your brain and uploading your mind to the web where it can be viewed in an interactive way? Now that would be something.

Another article discusses how it would be to live in a virtual world, we’ve all seen the Matrix I suppose so I guess it’s kind of like that, which means that literally everything is possible like jumping from tall buildings or flying into space, interesting enough!

Cybernetic Enhancements

We are getting a step closer to where the transhumanists want to go, probably not fast enough for them, but hey, one step at a time. It’s true that they’ve been growing ears on the back of a pig so nothing new there but I did read an article on another site where they managed to turn leaves (yes those that grow on trees) into a heart that actually pumped, now that is something impressive.

Some other things they discuss on the site are robotic protheses, bionic eyes, augmenting animals and brain computer interfaces so if that’s your piece of cake then you’ll have plenty of food for the brain to keep you busy at the very least a couple of days.

Medical Revolutions

I’m skipping a few paragraphs here as this post would get to long when we also have to cover genetics and life extensions as I suppose the medical revolutions are responsible for the extension of life in the first place so it’s a bit double up if we go into that.

I am surprised to read about the progress that has been made by people in the medical field as I search for such things in Google on a regular base and never find anything ground breaking but those spinal implants they discuss are definitely something as I regularly blog for a different site named Free Your Spine, where they discuss everything that has to do with backpain, often caused by a misaligned spine.

Taking it a step further we land in the world of exo-wombs, regenerative medication, artificial blood and human hybernation, awaiting technology to live an ever lasting life as the transhumanists forsee, or perhaps better said hope for.

Robotic Revolution

There is a good chance you’ve seen the Facebook page named “Stop Kicking the Robots“, which appears to be an asset of Boston Dynamics but that’s not the case, it’s more like a fan page or better said anti-fan page as the author said something about having more respect for robots lol, I guess he’s a huge fan of transhumanism himself.

Now I have to admit I’m a huge fan of robotics myself and when you watch those videos on their facebook page you can see that they are making huge progress where the robots jump through hoops and what not.

To read more about all those futuristic topics I suggest you visit Human Paragon as everything is covered there and actually I’m going to read a few articles myself as it’s definitely interesting stuff that they come up with.

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