One of the things that deters people from buying a home security system is that often you have to use the exact devices that come with that brand of system.  This can mean that any prior devices that you had, like a camera, are totally useless to you. You have to replace all the prior equipment you had with new stuff, often at a rather large markup. This simply does not seem like it is fair, and it is not.

p73-f4 (1)There is a system that understands that its customers do not want to have to buy all new equipment and would prefer to be able to use their existing devices with the system that they buy. It is a company that gets that people should be able to take advantage of the equipment that they already have and be able to add it to the new equipment that they have. That company is here now and ready to serve you.

has created one of the more revolutionary Internet of Things in their new home security system. This system gives you a very unique control panel that can hook to 48 different devices that you have around your home, giving you the ability to really make your home secure. This is a great interface that allows you to have the kind of security at your home that can make you feel secure to fall asleep at night or to leave your home for an extended vacation.

Systems Operation  16M3 and 18M3 Motor Graders Information Display-Machine Menu5The sophisticated software used in the control panel is written in such a way that it allows it to read the signals and processes of other devices that you have around your home. No matter the brand that this equipment is designed by, the Armorax system knows how to make a direct link so that this can be used to continue to protect your home.

No longer do you need to buy all new security cameras, motion sensors, or contact leads. This system is perfectly designed to connect to these devices, even if they are designed to work with a Wi-Fi or through a hard wired system. This panel can work with it all.

This can save you literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars which can then be used for other equipment in your home to add to its security. You can now add additional devices to augment the current equipment you have so you can really make a powerful home security system that tells burglars and thieves that their chances of getting into your home is non-existent.

You deserve to be able to keep your possessions, and you should not have to start from scratch to do so. Now you don’t have to.

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