You may be a huge fan of technological gadgets, like me. However, for many people, the price of an iPad still prevents them from buying one. They are expensive but are they worth it? What would you actually do with an iPad? Let’s take a look at what you could do if you finally bought an iPad.

IPad Accessories

Do you just buy an iPad, and that’s it or do you need some accessories. Yes, you do need some accessories to complement your new iPad, and the choice is fairly mind-blowing. There are so many options for things you may need that you should do your research carefully. For great iPad accessory reviews, go to iThingum where they have informative reviews and buyers guides.


You may think ‘oh it is just a tablet’ but your iPad really can replace a laptop or desktop computer. You can write documents, emails, use social media, use the internet, and most other things you would do on the computer. There is an iPad version of Microsoft Word and Excel or you can use the Apple versions of the software. If you need to do presentations, again you can use Microsoft PowerPoint or the Apple version.

The only things you might struggle with are using special software. However, more and more companies are developing their software to be used on mobile devices. If the programmes you want to use aren’t available now, they soon might be.

You might think that you can’t use the on-screen keyboard to do all the things you would do on a computer and you are probably right. However, you can connect a keyboard to your iPad. You can either buy a wireless keyboard. There are some great ones now that even fold up if you wish to use them when you travel. Alternatively, you can buy a keyboard case that sets your iPad up a bit like a laptop.


This might not be the reason you rush to buy an iPad, but you can play games on them. It is quite a plus point to be able to switch off your mind and relax by playing a game for 10 minutes. You can also play more serious games that you might play on your computer. Many of them translate really well to the iPad giving you a great gaming experience.


If you are an avid reader then the iPad is a great choice for an eReader. Apple has its own app for iBooks. You can also read books from Amazon through a Kindle app and Barnes and Noble books through their Nook app.

If you also have a Kindle, you can sync books between your Kindle and iPad, which is really useful.


Most iPads have a great screen so watching movies becomes an absolute pleasure. You can stream and watch movies from many sources in addition to iTunes, such as Netflix. You can also watch YouTube videos.

You can also connect your iPad to your TV so you can watch your TV screenings on your iPad too.


iPads have a great camera so you can take photos and videos. You can use software to enhance the videos you have recorded, all on your iPad. You can also import videos and photos to your iPad and again enhance them. There are some great photo editing apps that you can download.

You can easily share photos or videos by creating a private library for you, and your family and friends to share. You can also create a digital slideshow of your pictures for when you want to show off your latest holiday snaps.


You can scan documents and upload them to your cloud account. There are apps that straighten and clean up the copy to produce a good scan of the document.


You can either listen to your own music from iTunes or, even better, you can stream music. If you buy some Bluetooth speakers you can add music to any room.


Once you start using this option you will wonder how you managed without it! You can use Siri for voice dictation. You can dictate an email or document and you can even get her doing internet searches.

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