Running a business in the production industry is no mean feat. While there is a huge potential for making money, you also face a lot of challenges. Some of the issues you have to face include the regular changes in technology and the ultimate need to adapt to the changes to stay relevant.

Additionally, you need to constantly improve the user experience so that you sell more in a volatile market. You have to do all these while staying ahead of the competition.

You also have to align your product development processes based on the changes in markets and what the people desire. If you do everything right, the manufacturing business can pay off a lot in various ways. However, you need to make sure you align your production process along newer lines and adapt to any change as fast as possible. Take measured risks and listen to feedback from customers as well as learn from past mistakes.

One of the latest technologies that can benefit your company is dot peen marking.

What is Dot Peen Marking?

This is a technique that uses pins to change the surface if the different types of materials that you plan to mark. You can use the technology to create logos, text, digits, and other marks.

The technology is fast and unique, making it reliable and useful across various industries. So, what should you expect from this technology?


Once you purchase the system, you don’t need to buy a lot of consumables. All you need is the surface to be marked and the machine. With the few consumables, you enjoy a low cost of ownership for the equipment, but a high ROI.

The marking process creates very little stress on the surface being marked. This means there is less wear and tear on the surface, and the pin doesn’t get worn out. You don’t have to replace the pins anytime soon, reducing the cost of maintenance to a bare minimum.

The biggest benefit is that during the machine time the operator isn’t busy so there is no labor needed to mark the parts. Labour is one of the highest costs in any production line, which takes the costs lower.

Simple to Use

The machine comes with integrated software that is easy to use. Most of the tasks are automated, meaning you don’t have to worry about looking for a specialist to handle the task. Once you get the hang of it, you can perform your tasks with ease. It is easy to support

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – this machine comes with high-performance parts that make it easy to double your marking process. The high speed is backed by a robust and reliable design. The machine is made of a cast iron base and column to withstand repeated actions without breaking.

Choosing the Right Machine

To enjoy these benefits, you need to get the right machine. Start off the search on MarkinBox, and check out the MarkinBox MB1010 which is ideal for both small and established business marking needs.
These machines come in different types and models, but the better the quality of the machine, the better the results to expect. So, take your time to choose the best machine for your needs. You also need to consider the budget when choosing the right machine so that you don’t dip into your operating capital.

The Bottom-line

To take your business to the next level, you need to make sure you adapt to changing technologies. One such technology that has revolutionized the way you label your products is Dot peen marking. Use the technology to print more labels and enjoy the best results.
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