In 2007, the world was transformed by the launching of the first smartphone. Since then, they have become commonplace, if not a necessity, in the lives of everyone. Kids are carrying them as young as 6 or7 and the elderly have their grandkids showing them how to use one. They are an invention that has helped to change the way that we communicate and the way we receive information. They have also become a device that is so much more than a phone. It can do incredible things and they can do so many things that most of us don’t even realize the extent of their capabilities.

Smartphones have limitless capabilities that can achieve as much as the user is willing to learn about them. Here are some of the things that many people didn’t realize their smartphone was able to do.

  • Many products that you find in stores today will come with a QR code. These codes are scannable by smartphones and it will take the phone user to information about that product. It used to be that you needed to download a QR code reader app, but that is no longer the case. On an iPhone, you can just point the phone’s camera at the code and the phone will automatically bring up the codes corresponding website. On Android phones, you just have to use the Google App and enable the screen search. No more QR code reader apps.
  • You can turn the lights on and off in your home via your cell phone. There are special light bulbs that are WIFI enabled and they will allow you to link the lightbulb through the amazing Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a great technology that gives you the ability to turn your home into a smart home because you can link so many different things to Alexa. With the addition of these light bulbs, there is no more worrying about the kids leaving all the lights on in the house. It is also nice when you are away in the evening, you can turn on the outside lights as well. This will help to keep your home a little bit safer when you are not there. The fact that you can make sure they are all turned off also allows you to play an active part in managing your energy consumption and energy bill.
  • How many times have you gone to hang up a picture on the wall and you couldn’t find a level? No one wants to see a crooked picture on the wall. There are apps, such as the Bubble Level, that will allow the user to turn their phone into a functional level. You can hang those pictures exactly the way they need to be without having to go to the garage and dig through all that stuff to find a level. This is a handy app to have for designers, construction workers, and homeowners alike.
  • You can enhance the “relationship” that you have with your car. (Yes, I said your car.) For explanation purpose, we will use the My Chevrolet App as an example. This apps allows you to link your phone with your car via your OnStar subscription. This gives you the ability to do so much with your car. These types of apps will allow you to lock or unlock the car, set off the alarm, run a diagnostics exam, maintain your maintenance schedule, and access the owner’s manual for the vehicle, all through a smartphone. This is an incredible possibility that your phone allows you to do.

There are so many cool technologies coming out right now. People are looking for drones to get for Christmas on sites like Rotor Copter, the latest smartphones, virtual reality video games, and tablets. They are making this an interesting time to live in. It is always changing and there is always something amazing coming out or getting ready to come out. The smartphone was a big part of the technology push. It can be seen as a catalyst for a lot of these technological advancements. None of it was going to be possible without the internet though. Many people will tell you that the internet is, arguably, the most important invention of the 20th century (next to the automobile).

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